LIB 1010 Information Literacy


Introduction:  Welcome to LIB 1010 Information Literacy.  This one-credit, online course fulfills the Dixie State College Information Literacy (*IL) requirement and provides instruction about the skills, resources, and services you will need to utilize to complete research-based assignments in college.  Additionally, LIB 1010 is a pre-/co-requisite to several other DSC courses, meaning you must successfully complete LIB 1010 before you take that course or take it concurrently with that course.  No matter which GE plan you use or degree you seek, if you take a course that lists LIB 1010 as a pre-/co-requisite, you must also take LIB 1010. 


LIB 1010 was added to the DSC General Education requirements by the faculty because students were not displaying the ability to appropriately find and use academic information sources.  If you commit yourself honestly to this course and openly seek to learn, you will reap benefits that will positively affect all of your future college classes, your business endeavors, and your personal life. 


Course Description and Objectives:  This course introduces students to college-level research and fulfills the General Education requirement for information literacy. After successfully completing this course, students have met the Association of College and Research Libraries basic "Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education." Specifically, students will be able to


  • determine the extent of information needed
  • access the needed information effectively and efficiently
  • evaluate information and its sources critically
  • incorporate selected information into one's knowledge base
  • use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  • understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information
  • access and use information ethically and legally.


Required Materials:  There are no required materials for this course.  The text is contained within the course.  You do need sufficient computer and Internet access (see below).  You may choose to print the text of the modules, assignments, quizzes, etc., which can help in studying for the final exam.


Expectations:  The basic format of the course is online. This means that all teaching and learning activities, including learning modules, assignments, quizzes, exams, and communication with your instructor can take place in a Web-based environment. Specifically, LIB 1010 is housed within courseware called WebCT Vista, which also houses as other DSC classes.  Students must check the WebCT communications tools (Mail, Announcements, and Discussions) at least once each week. Important course information is disseminated using these tools.


Getting Help:  Instructors of this course are professional librarians, individuals trained through graduate study to deal with a complex information environment and help others navigate this complicated terrain. The specific instructor for each section is listed within WebCT Vista and in an online directory.  You can also seek help in-person at the Val A. Browning Library on the DSC campus.  The library home page has more information, including library hours, and the current course syllabus can be found under the Information Literacy link.  Students can also contact the library Reference Desk by calling (435) 652-7714. 


Contact Information:  Although individual sections of LIB 1010 each have an instructor, the course administrator for LIB 1010 is


Linda Jones, Instruction Librarian

Val A. Browning Library

Dixie State College of Utah

225 South 700 East

St. George UT  84770

(435) 652-7722


Computer needs:
Review the computer specifications web page, and make sure you update your multimedia drivers and check your web browser.


To access LIB 1010 or other online courses on WebCT, please complete the following steps:
1. Go online to - this is the WebCT entry page.
2. You must now formulate your WebCT ID and password. Go to the WebCT entry page and click on What is your WebCT ID/Password?
3. Finally, you can log on, click on Log on to WebCT (WebCT ID and passwords will NOT be active until the beginning of the semester)

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