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This is the broadest course in business and it will give you the basis your future studies in business or prepare you for the future requirements of your chosen careers.  It is important to note that everyone will either work for a business or have a need to use business principles in their day to day activities.  Understanding the terms, conventions, indices, procedures, structures and methods will give you the business acumen necessary to negotiate both the information deluge that hits us every day, cost of living to stock market quotes, as well as the quest that we have to negotiate, buy, sell or otherwise make arrangements for good or services needed by our employers, friends, families or perhaps only ourselves.  Whether domestic or foreign the rules are essentially universal with differences in laws, ethics, and cultural practices making it so much more interesting.


I have spent 35 years in seven major industries preparing to work with students, for the last couple of years, in the interest of giving them practical applications of the theories that are found in our text.  We are using the Pearson Prentice Hall publication of Business Essentials 6 th Edition by Ronald J. Ebert and Ricky W. Griffin.  There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Business is not rocket science and there is no one best way but, as with any profession it is no less demanding when success is desired.  


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Albert P. Keller  AA, BA, EMBA


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