Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 81

Approved: 1/20/98


6-81 Key Policy

81.1 Definitions:

Four (4) Types of Keys are Utilized at Dixie State College:

81.1.1 Type A-Keys for individual offices, classrooms, laboratories, etc.

Type B-Keys for the outside doors of individual buildings.

Type C-Master keys for individual buildings.

Type D-Grand Master Key.

81.1.2 Type A and Type B keys are to be issued to full and part time Faculty and Staff employees based upon job need criteria as established by individual Department Chairman or Directors, with the approval of the appropriate Dean or Executive Director.

81.1.3 It is expected that each member of the Faculty and Staff will be issued those keys, but only those keys, that are essential to the conduct of his or her job responsibilities.

81.1.4 Type C keys will be issued to Faculty or Staff designated by the Department Chairman or directors and approved by the appropriate Dean or Executive Director for each major building of the College for the purpose of providing access to all but restricted parts of that building.

81.1.5 Type D keys will be issued to the President, Vice Presidents, Division Deans, Chief of Security, Executive Director of Physical Plant, Director of Plant Facilities, Director of Plant Services, Key manager and other persons who are specifically designated by Vice Presidents and approved by the President.

81.2 Request for Keys

81.2.1 Request for keys will be initiated by any employee on the Request for Issuance of Key(s) Form.

81.2.2 The appropriate signatures and approvals will be obtained as required for the type of key requested.

81.2.3 After approval, the request should be delivered to the Physical Plant Offices for processing and issuance of the key(s). Once the key has been issued the recipient is responsible to control the use of the key.

81.3 Annual Key Inventory

81.3.1 All keys issued to full and part time Faculty and Staff are listed and filed according to the individuals' departments.

81.3.2 Annually, a listing of keys issued to employees of a Department will be provided to the Department chairman or Director for inventory. Results of that inventory will be reported to the Physical Plant Office for records corrections.

81.4 Opening and Securing Buildings

81.4.1 Main doors to College buildings will be opened weekday mornings by Custodial personnel at 7:00 a.m. and security checked by Security personnel after 10:00 p.m.

81.4.2 Except for the Student Center, after scheduled hours utilization of College facilities is restricted to Faculty and Staff members, only for access to the offices, classrooms, and laboratories for which they have been issued keys.

81.5 Special Access to Facilities

81.5.1 If a faculty or staff member should require after hours access to a College facility for which he or she has not been issued a key and/or for which arrangements have not been made through the appropriate Department Chairman for evening custodial assistance, that person must contact the appropriate Department for assistance.

81.5.2 College security personnel do not routinely provide building access. In an emergency, College Security will be responsible for confirming the need, allowing the access, logging the event, and preparing a report to the appropriate Dean or Executive Director.

81.5.3 Security may be paged after hours by calling 652-6563.

81.6 Security of Facilities

81.6.1 The last instructor using any room each day will be responsible for locking the door(s) to that room and securing the window(s) where appropriate.

81.6.2 All College personnel will assume personal responsibility for turning off lights and locking doors in their assigned areas and buildings.

81.7 Key Duplication

81.7.1 Keys to campus facilities are the sole property of Dixie State College and will be duplicated only by the Physical Plant Department or a designated representative.

81.7.2 Any individual who duplicates a key or requests that a key be duplicated in any business establishment or at any other place, or alters a key to fit any other lock, will receive disciplinary action. Should such cases occur, the individual will be referred to the Chief or Security for appropriate action.

81.8 Exception to Policy: Any exception to this Policy will require approval by the College Council.