Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 79

Approved: 3/11/98



79.1 Policy

79.1.1 In the event that a bomb threat is received, 911 is to be called.

79.1.2 If a suspicious item is found, it is not to be touched. The emergency coordinator should be immediately notified and the surrounding area evacuated until further instructions are provided by security.

79.2 Procedures

79.2.1 If a bomb threat is received by telephone, an employee can collect vital information which may save lives or property, aid in disarming a bomb, and perhaps even lead to the apprehension of the caller.

79.2.2 An employee should follow these guidelines: Remain calm, courteous, and non-threatening. Do not place the caller on hold or attempt a transfer to another person. Listen first. Ask questions later. Write down as much information as possible. When the caller is finished talking, ask for pertinent details such as: Where is the bomb? What kind of bomb is it? How much time is left before it is to go off? What will cause it to explode? If the building is occupied, inform the caller that an explosion will cause death and injury. When the caller hangs up, call 911 immediately.

79.3 Search Procedures

79.3.1 In leaving their work spaces for evacuation employees should quickly scan their own work spaces for suspicious items.

79.3.2 If anything suspicious is found, employees should not touch it. After evacuation they should: Immediately contact security. Describe the object and its location to security.

79.3.3 All employees should be encouraged to keep their work areas neat so that unusual objects may be spotted quickly.

79.3.4 Hallways must be kept clear to minimize hiding places.

79.4 Evacuation Procedures

79.4.1 The evacuation procedures in the event of a bomb threat will be the same as those for a fire, except that no fire alarm is to be sounded and when possible, windows should be opened before the building is evacuated. (See Fire Emergency Policy 6-78)

79.4.2 Employees are to leave by the nearest exits and meet at their designated assembly points, well clear of the building.