Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 78

Approved: 3/11/98



78.1 Policy for Campus Buildings:

78.1.1 When the fire alarm sounds in a campus building, all occupants of the building must evacuate immediately using the following standard fire evacuation procedures.

78.1.2 Occupants should remain outside at the designated assembly points and well clear of the building until permission to return is given by campus authorities.

78.1.3 All current and new employees will be oriented in campus evacuation procedures.

78.2 Procedures

78.2.1 The automatic fire detection system should detect most fires and automatically sound the fire alarm. If there is a fire the system has not detected, the fire alarm should be activated by pulling the nearest fire alarm pull box. Immediately after evacuation, 911 must be called and the fire reported.

78.2.2 When the alarm sounds, all occupants of the building must exit immediately to their designated assembly points. The building evacuation coordinator is designated by administration. The primary consideration is the safety of people. Disabled persons needing assistance should be attended to in an evacuation. Two people should carry a person from a wheelchair and one person should carry the wheelchair. The building evacuation coordinator should have a list of the employees in the building, to assure everyone has evacuated. The administration will notify all employees of the designated assembly points. If someone is thought to be in the building, the attending authorities should be notified. No one except trained fire fighters should enter a building to retrieve a missing person. Emergency exits, alternate exits, and fire extinguishers will be clearly marked and are noted on the building evacuation plans. An employee should never attempt to fight a fire alone.

78.2.3 Before opening a door an employee should cautiously feel it. If the door is hot, it should not be opened because there is a fire on the other side.

78.2.4 Doors should be closed upon exit.

78.2.5 When smoke is present, people should crawl to exits, as safer air is closer to the floor.

78.2.6 Use only stairways, not elevators, which may open onto a fire.

78.2.7 If someone becomes trapped, s/he should go to an external window for refuge. All doors should be closed and sealed tightly to prevent smoke penetration. The trapped person should wait at the window and signal for help. If there is no smoke outside the window, the window should be broken to attract attention and call for help.