Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 75

Approved: 6/5/92




75.1.1 To outline a general policy to guide Dixie State College personnel with appropriate use of the Physical Plant, the limitations of its use and appropriate approvals.


75.2.1 Physical Plant is defined as actual buildings, grounds, and permanent improvements.


75.3.1 FACILITY PURPOSE The facilities of Dixie State College are constructed and maintained to support the college's educational mission. Consistent with this mission are programs oriented towards the students and those programs supporting the community, state, and nation. College facilities do not constitute a public forum available for general use by private persons and private organizations.

75.3.2 FACILITY USE PRIORITY Use of certain designated college facilities for programs consistent with the objectives of the college may be granted to organizations, persons, and groups, college and non-college, in the following priority order: Campus academic, administrative, and student body units not charging admission. Campus academic, administrative, and student body units charging admission. Campus affiliate organizations, persons, and groups. Non-campus service-oriented or government organizations, persons, and groups not charging admission. Non-campus service-oriented or government organizations, persons, and groups charging admission fees. Other non-campus organizations, persons, and groups.

75.3.3 FACILITY USE PRIORITY BY NON-CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS, PERSONS OR GROUPS FOR COLLEGE ORIENTED PURPOSE. Non-campus organizations, persons, and groups may be extended permission to use Dixie State College facilities and services subject to the priority schedule listed above and pay applicable user fees if the requested use: Is relevant to the mission of the college; Will not involve the college in commercial competition with private facilities or services available with equal convenience elsewhere in the community (for example, because the user requires facilities or services not provided by the private sector; or private sector facilities are not available to the requesting user on the required dates, etc.); Has special significance or value to the college community; or The activity is co-sponsored by a college department or organization.

75.3.4 FACILITY USE BY NONCAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS, PERSONS, OR GROUPS FOR PRIVATE PURPOSE. Requests for use of college facilities and services by non-campus organizations, persons, and groups may be considered, in accordance with eligibility standards and priorities and applicable user fees, for functions and activities that: Are related to, or in support of, scheduled academic research and public service programs and activities, scheduled classes, scheduled collegiate contests, commencement, and other academic or public ceremonies. Are related to, or in support of, nonscheduled functions and activities of the college or any of its operating units or departments. Are related to, or in support of, functions or recognized student and faculty/staff organizations, including the student association, faculty/staff clubs, etc. Constitute meetings and conferences of national, regional, and local scholarly societies, or of academic and professional organizations with established collegiate relationships or associations. Are sponsored by, or in support of, nonprofit public service or charitable programs. Consist of meetings of community groups or events sponsored or undertaken by political parties, civic and service organizations, fraternal groups, sports leagues, pageants, or musical, artistic, dance, or theatrical companies.

75.3.5 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT The college will neither grant nor deny permission to use college facilities or services for any reason that is in violation of constitutional standards or discriminates on the ground of race, color, ethnic origin, sex, religion, handicapped status, age, political belief, or other impermissible ground.

75.3.6 RENTAL CHARGES OR FEES Rental charges or fees may be assessed according to the time and date, need, purposes, potential effect and benefit, population served, and type of usage requested. This will include, but not be limited to, maintenance and operation costs. Rental schedules for use of available facilities are to be obtained from the appropriate administrative officer. As a general operating practice, the college's user fees for facilities and services shall not be less than the average charges for comparable facilities or services at private establishments in the community.

75.3.7 USER LIABILITY Individuals or groups granted the use of college facilities shall be responsible for the care of them and shall assume financial responsibility for damages incurred during their usage and may be denied future use of such facilities upon evidence of misuse. Appropriate certificate of insurance as required by the campus Office of Purchasing/Risk Management shall be on file with that office prior to any activity or event.

75.3.8 CAMPING OR LODGING Camping on college property, or living in privately owned temporary lodging parked or erected on college property is prohibited. Selective permission from appropriate college authority may be solicited.

75.3.9 PERSONAL OR PRIVATE EVENTS The use of college facilities or property for personal or private events requires special permission from the appropriate Vice President. The category "personal or private events" includes, but is not limited to, weddings, funerals, and memorial services. The scheduling of these or similar events on college property may be authorized only in unusual circumstances and requires prior approval of the President or appropriate Vice President. Determination of certificate of insurance requirement will be made by the campus Office of Purchasing/Risk Management.

75.3.10 ADVERTISING OR SOLICITATION No advertising or solicitation by commercial non-campus organizations, persons, or groups using college facilities or services for purposes unrelated to the mission and role of the college will be allowed. However, nothing in this policy shall be construed to prelude the public dissemination of information as to programs, functions or activities involving the use of college facilities or services, nor the honoring of requests for use of such facilities within the limits described in this policy.

75.3.11 APPROVAL AUTHORITY Approval for the use of physical plant shall be made by the appropriate President, Vice President, Dean or Department Director and shall conform to the scheduling policies and procedures.