Section: 6-Administrative

Policy No:  48

Approved: 05/07/10



  1. Purpose

    1. This policy outlines stewardship, governance, and support of College institutional Information Technology resources.

  2. Scope

    1. This policy will apply to all users of Dixie State College Information Technology resources.

  3. Definitions

    1. Chief Information Officer (CIO) The senior administrative authority regarding operation and development of Information Technology resources and IT support services for Dixie State College.

    2. Data Steward -- The recognized senior administrative position (typically a Vice President, Dean or Executive Director) within a College unit or department, or an appropriate deputy designated by the senior administrator to act in that capacity.

    3. College IT Services The College Services department responsible for the operation and development of institutional IT services under the direction of the College CIO.

    4. Information Asset Information or data collected, processed, maintained, stored or otherwise used by Dixie State College in electronic form to conduct core college functions.

    5. Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC) Reviews and recommends to College Council new Information Technology policies and rules and changes to existing policies and rules. In the event that conflict arises over matters regarding Information Technology Resources the IT Governance Committee shall act as a forum for conflict resolution.

    6. Institutional IT Resource IT Resources provided by IT Services for broad use by the College. Examples include the campus network, administrative computing systems, learning management systems, email system, computer labs, electronic directories, telephone and voice systems, Dixie State College Web site and various other servers and infrastructure.

    7. Users -- Any student, college employee, affiliate, or guest who accesses or uses College information assets and IT resources.

  4. Policy

    1. Dixie State College IT Services maintains institutional IT resources for the benefit and use of all College students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates in fulfilling the mission of Dixie State College.

      1. To ensure that institutional IT resources are stable, secure, and available for all College users, users are not authorized and shall not attempt to reconfigure, augment, remove, tamper with, or otherwise modify institutional IT resources or infrastructure.

      2. Requests for additions or modification of institutional IT resources must be approved by IT Services or the College CIO, and must be performed by or under the direction of IT Services staff.

    2. Departmental IT Resources College departments and units shall not unnecessarily duplicate institutional IT resources without authorization.

      1. Authorization to duplicate or develop IT resources for interdepartmental or institutional use beyond the offering of existing institutional IT resources must be sought from the ITGC.

      2. Departmental IT resources used for direct academic instruction may not be used or dual-purposed beyond its intended academic scope to offer or duplicate institutional IT resources.

    3. Purchasing and requisition of IT resources IT Services, working in conjunction with the College purchasing department, will develop and maintain standards and procedures for the purchasing and procurement of institutional and department IT resources intended to be supported by IT Services in accordance with College purchasing policies.

      1. IT projects and requests from college departments and units which require commitment of significant funding from IT Services for new hardware, FTE work hours, specialized training, installation in labs or on multiple computers, or other impacts are subject to review by the CIO and/or ITGC to determine appropriate prioritization and resourcing.

    4. Support of IT Resources IT Services will develop standards, procedures, and service-level agreements regarding its operations and interaction with College constituents to ensure that it is able to effectively provide IT support and services to the institution.

      1. IT Services will develop and maintain procedures regarding installation and support practices for College computer labs, server infrastructure, faculty and staff workstations, and other institutional IT resources.

        1. Requests for software or hardware installation on and/or support of IT resources from IT Services outside the scope of established procedures may be subject to out-of-cycle support or installation fees.

      2. IT Services may develop catalogs of supported IT resources (computer models, mobile devices, software, etc) for approval by the CIO and ITGC.

        1. Technical support from IT Services of devices and software outside the approved support catalogs may not be available from IT Services or may incur additional support charges.

    5. Software Licensing - All software used by DSC students, faculty, and staff for college functions on college- or personally-owned IT resources must be appropriately licensed.

      1. Services shall manage and maintain all institutional software licensing.

      2. Departments may manage and maintain departmental software licensing, but shall coordinate with IT Services to ensure minimal overlap and duplication of software licensing

    6. The College CIO and IT Services are authorized to develop and maintain additional standards, procedures, and service level agreements as needed to ensure that institutional IT resources are supported effectively.

    7. Users in violation of this policy may be subject to sanctions in accordance with College disciplinary policies.

  5. References

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