Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 17

Approved: 5/7/99



These regulations establish the use of College facilities by members of the institution, its organizations and the community. The policy applies to areas and/or facilities which fall under the scheduling jurisdiction of the Campus Scheduler and apply to all events in or on the campus facilities/areas covered by these regulations.


17.1.1 College facilities (including buildings, grounds, real and personal property) are established and maintained primarily for the use of the College to accomplish its academic purposes, and generally these facilities do not constitute a public forum available for general use by persons or organizations.

17.1.2 Permission to use College facilities may be extended to the community and to members of the Institution and its organizations for non-College uses, subject to the following: The activity has relevance to the mission of the College, or it has special significance or value to the College; The activity will not place the College's facilities in unfair competition with private facilities or services elsewhere in the community; Or, the activity is sponsored by an official operating unit of Dixie State College.

17.1.3 The College may not advertise for, or solicit, the use of its facilities by the Community for non-College related activities.

17.1.4 The College will not grant permission to use facilities or services if such use would constitute unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, ethnic origin, gender, disability, age, or any constitutionally guaranteed right.


17.2.1 Requests for use of Campus facilities are considered in the following priority: Academic classes, programs and activities. Student organizations and activities. Community activities.

17.2.2 Criteria for use: The use must be appropriate to the nature and purpose of the facility. The use must not interrupt or interfere with regularly scheduled college programs or functions. The use must not expose facilities, property, participants, or spectators to an unacceptable level of risk or harm, damage, or injury. The use must have adequate security support as determined by the director of campus security. The Activity must be legal and be considerate of community standards. The use must not violate any applicable law or regulation. The use will not be allowed for personal or private gain. The use will not be in direct competition with the local economic and commercial entities. Mistreatment of persons or property, or violation of College regulations and policies, as pertains to use of College facilities, may constitute justification for denial of future requests from the same individual, organization or group.

17.2.3 Criteria for outdoor activities: Size of participating group. The size must comply with the fire code limitations. Availability and appropriateness of facility requested. Adequacy and availability of night-time lighting and electrical power sources (additional lighting may be specified as a requirement). Set-up requirements. Other planned or scheduled events on campus at the same time. Anticipated security support requirements. Need for lawn care and maintenance. Normal ending times of dances, activities and other events on campus will be midnight, unless otherwise approved by Campus Security. However, the College expressly reserves the right to require that any event must end at an earlier time. Considerations such as safety, crowd control, weather, noise and community interaction.

17.2.4 Sound Amplification: If the sound from band speaker systems, or other amplification equipment, is extreme in the judgment of campus security, it will be shut down or reduced. Sound amplification equipment used for dances, concerts, election campaigns, promotional activities and other similar events in the Courtyard areas, will not be used prior to 12:00 noon on regular class or final exam days. Disturbance of classes must be avoided at all times.

17.2.5 All State laws pertaining to smoking will be adhered to.

17.2.6 Alcohol and Illegal Drugs: No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs of any type shall be in possession of or consumed by individuals in any College facility or outdoor areas scheduled under the provisions of these regulations.


17.3.1 The Campus Scheduler will inform Campus Security at least twenty-four hours before each event scheduled on campus, and Campus Security will determine if there is a need for security support at the event.

17.3.2 In an emergency, College Security are authorized to cancel any event, if in their judgment an unacceptable risk level to College facilities, property, participants, or spectators has been reached.


17.4.1 All visitors will comply with campus parking regulations.

17.4.2 Permission must be obtained at the time of making the reservation, to allow a limited number of vehicles to traverse or park on campus sidewalks, fire lanes, plazas, etc., for purposes of unloading or loading materials.

17.4.3 Any vehicle parked illegally will be subject to ticketing and/or removal to impound facilities at the owner's expense.


17.5.1 College, state and local health department regulations require that any food, whether sold or distributed free of charge, be approved through issuance of a temporary permit. This will include baked sales, canned food drives, box lunches, soft drinks, etc. Members of the institution and its organizations desiring to engage in such activities will be referred to the Director of Food Services for required clearances. College Food Services will coordinate approval of the temporary permit and shall notify the Campus Scheduler of the issuance of a permit.

17.5.2 Distribution and consumption of food is generally not allowed and must be specially approved in auditoriums, classrooms, gymnasiums and other College facilities covered by these regulations. Departments or other operating organizations of the College will not distribute refreshments or food items where the facility carpeting may be ruined or discolored from spillage.

17.6 SOLICITATION SALES: The sale or solicitation of merchandise or goods, and/or food items, is not allowed in or on any campus facility or area covered by these regulations without express permission of the Bookstore Director or Director of Food Services. This restriction shall apply also to the sale (scalping) of tickets to any and all events held in all areas of the campus.

17.7 LIABILITY INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: If in the judgment of the Scheduler, there may be potentially unacceptable or unreasonable risk to either property, participants and/or spectators, s/he will contact the Risk Management Officer for a risk evaluation.

17.7.1 For members of the institution and its organizations, official College sanctioned activities are covered by the Risk Management Fund of Utah.

17.7.2 For the Community, the Risk Management Officer will determine if liability insurance must be provided. If it must, either a copy of a signed insurance policy (preferred), or a copy of an insurance certificate, is to be furnished at the time of scheduling the reservation. Users shall also agree to hold the College harmless from any and all liability arising from their use of College facilities. These requirements must satisfy Risk Management guidelines.


17.8.1 Campus Scheduling must be done through the Campus Scheduler, who will enter into appropriate contractual agreement with users of College facilities. The agreement will serve to confirm reservation of the facility, to outline all rental fees and charges for campus support services, and to constitute an agreement by the user to comply with provisions of these regulations, plus provisions of terms contained on both sides of the reservation/contract form.

17.8.2 The appropriate Dixie State College Vice President must sign all contracts with individuals or groups scheduling the Avenna Center.

17.8.3 Members of the institution and its organizations may schedule the use of College facilities by calling the Campus Scheduler, or submitting a Facility Scheduling Request form (available from the Campus Scheduler).

17.8.4 Students wishing to use College facilities must work through the Director of Student Activities or the Vice President of Student Affairs. The Director of Student Activities or the Vice President of Student Affairs will make the scheduling request through the Campus Scheduler.

17.8.5 The community must submit a Facility Scheduling Request form in order to reserve a College facility.

17.8.6 Events must be scheduled at least five (5) working days in advance.

17.8.7 Room reservations can be scheduled one year in advance, with the exception of academic rooms (classrooms or labs). Classrooms can be scheduled after the completion of academic class scheduling for that semester.

17.8.8 The Campus Scheduler will provide assistance in arranging with other agencies on campus for support services.

17.8.9 The administration reserves the right to cancel any event, so long as 48 hours notice is given.


17.9.1 Fees for Campus Entities: When campus personnel use campus facilities for campus activities, no fees shall be charged. However, when campus personnel use campus facilities for non-campus activities, they will be charged the same fee as non-campus entities.

17.9.2 Fees for Non-Campus Entities: Rental and support services fees are required for the use of College facilities. The College reserves the right to waive or revise the rental fee schedule.

17.9.3 Charges from any campus agencies that provide services for facilities users will be transmitted to the Campus Scheduler, who will in turn bill the user.

17.9.4 A deposit will be required to reserve a campus facility.

17.9.5 A due date for payment of all charges will be established and included on the reservation form.

17.9.6 Unpaid charges and assessments will be charged through the accounts receivable office and may be referred for collection.

17.9.7 The requester and/or organization scheduling the facility agrees to be liable for any fees, assessed-out-of-pocket expenses or damages resulting from the applicant's use of the facility.

17.9.8 Failure to pay all assessed costs or rental fees, or mistreatment of persons or property, or violation of College regulations and policies will constitute justification for denial of future requests from the same organization, group, or individual(s).

17.9.9 Rental Fee Schedule. Entities or persons sponsoring all non-campus events will be charged rent based on a periodically updated rental fee schedule. Fees listed will include security and custodial coverage.

17.9.10 Accounting: There will be one central scheduling account into which all fees from central scheduling will be deposited. Campus entities that incur expenses (as for repairs or cleaning) because of scheduled events will bill that central account through an internal billing. All rental fees will go to the Presidentís discretionary account.

17.10 APPEALS PROCESS: If a user objects to the denial of a scheduling request, the assignment of a particular facility or the assessment of fees or out-of-pocket expenses, the user shall have the right to appeal the denial, assignment or assessment to the chair of the Scheduling Committee.

17.11 FACILITIES NOT SCHEDULED THROUGH THE CAMPUS SCHEDULER: Campus facilities are of three varieties: 1) Facilities scheduled through the Campus Scheduler alone, 2) facilities scheduled by some campus entity, and 3) facilities not available for use by non-campus entities.

17.11.1 Facilities scheduled through the Campus Scheduler alone. The majority of campus facilities shall be available for scheduling through the Campus Scheduler without consultation of other campus entities.

17.11.2 The Burns Arena and the Cox Auditorium are scheduled by the Dean of Continuing Education or the department secretary.

17.11.3 To prevent time and date conflicts, events scheduled in these areas are to be sent to the Campus Scheduler.

17.11.4 Facilities scheduled by some campus entity other than the Campus Scheduler. Many facilities, although generally available for scheduling, shall be scheduled by the campus entity listed, not by the Campus Scheduler. These facilities are listed on a sheet available from the Campus Scheduler. ENTITY CONSULTED

17.11.5 Facilities not available for non-campus scheduling. The following facilities are not available for use by non-campus entities: Dixie Business Alliance Training and Conference Room Faculty Assistance Center Open Computer Labs Fitness Center

17.11.6 The Gardner Student Center: The conference rooms in this facility shall be available to College entities for their use. When College Food Services serves a meal and bills the College entity for that meal, there will be no additional charge for space rental; however, when there is no meal, there may be an additional charge for space rental.

17.11.7 Furniture and equipment: College-owned furniture and equipment - including chairs, tables, computers, and audio-visual equipment - are not for rent and should not be removed from campus facilities.

17.12 EXCEPTIONS: Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the college president.