Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 102

Approved: 6/05/98
Revised: 5/02/03



102.1 All official college publications are to be coordinated and approved by the public relations office for design, accuracy and proper representation of the College.

102.1.1 Three working days should be allowed for the approval process.

102.1.2 All college website (dixie.edu) design and content must be approved by the college web committee.

102.2 Submissions for the college catalog or course schedules that pertain to academic programs or accreditation status must be formally approved through the Academic Council to make sure they are accurate and current. Changes or additions to this information will be provided as needed on the college website and through publication addendum each semester.

102.3 Use of the college logo is limited to the exact design and specifications as set by the public relations director and approved by the College Council and the President.

102.3.1 Camera-ready copies of the college logo are available from the public relations office.

102.3.2 No other logo should be used to represent Dixie State College, including individual department or program logos.

102.3.3 The logo is not to be altered in shape or design, nor have any part or words deleted.

102.3.4 Web page designs are also to use the approved college logo only.

102.4 The public relations department determines which companies are approved for college printing through a bidding process. The names of approved printers are available from the purchasing or public relations offices.

102.4.1 All letterhead and business cards are to be printed only by approved printers.