Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 101

Approved: 6/5/98

Policy: MEDIA

6-101 MEDIA

101.1 On matters of campus-wide impact, media contacts will be coordinated by or through the public relations department to ensure the best overall media relations.

101.2 When giving opinions or comments to the media, employees will not identify themselves as official spokespersons of the College unless explicit approval is granted by the president.

101.3 Crisis Communications: In the event of a crisis (an event or situation which has the potential to generate negative public response) involving the College, the following plan should be implemented.

101.3.1 Campus Security, the Executive Director of Physical Plant and Planning, or a campus designee will mobilize necessary emergency responses (such as the fire department or ambulance). (See Emergency Policies 6-78, 79 & 80)

101.3.2 Faculty or staff involved in or present at the time of a crisis, if not hurt, are responsible for informing the President of the situation.

101.3.3 The President or a designee will assume control of the situation upon notification.

101.3.4 Campus Security, the Executive Director of Physical Plant and Planning, and the Director of Public Relations will be responsible for fact gathering.

1010.3.4.1 It is critical that as soon as possible the facts are gathered and documentation is begun.

101.3.5 The President or a designee will enlist the advice of legal counsel when appropriate.

101.3.6 The President and the Public Relations Director will devise a contingency plan.

101.3.7 The Public Relations Director, with the Presidentís approval, will respond to the crisis in the following manner: Determine spokespersons to be utilized Draft and maintain a standby statement Manage the information flow to the media and the public Keep the College staff and faculty informed Begin remedial action immediately Debrief, evaluate management of the crisis, and provide follow-up