Section: 6-Administration

Policy No: 10

Approved: 12/1/95
Revised: 05/03/02
Revised: 01/23/04




10.1.1 To establish procedures for the transfer, sale, or trade of property or equipment which is surplus to the needs of Dixie State College, consistent with the State Division of Fleet operations regulations, Board of Regents policies and the provisions of the Utah Procurement Code.

10.2 Authority of Purchasing Agent

10.2.1 No college department shall transfer, sell, or trade in any property owned by the college without written authorization of the Purchasing Agent.

10.3 Report of Surplus Property

10.3.1 College departments shall notify the Purchasing Agent on such forms and at such times as that Agent may prescribe, of all surplus property.

10.4 Transfer of Surplus Property

10.4.1 Insofar as feasible and practical, the Purchasing Agent will transfer surplus property to other departments at no charge.

10.4.2 In situations where a surplus item is requested by more than one department, the Surplus Review Committee will determine where the item will be transferred. The Surplus Review Committee is comprised of the Vice President of College Services, the Purchasing Agent, a representative from the Computer Information Technology Department, and other members chosen at large as needed.

10.4.3 In instances where the current market value of a surplus item is $500 or more, the owner of the equipment may attempt to sell it to another department rather than transfer it free of charge.

10.4.4 Transfer may also be made by the Purchasing Agent directly to other units of government, provided the property will be exclusively owned and used by such units.

10.5 Sale of Surplus Property

10.5.1 General Requirements. Surplus property shall be offered to the general public through public auction or at a live sale at a predetermined price on a first-come basis. Surplus property may be sold on-site or on the Dixie State College website. It is recognized, however, that some types and classes of items can be sold more readily and advantageously by other means. In such cases, and also where the nature of the property or unusual circumstances call for its sale to be restricted or controlled, the Purchasing Agent may employ such other means, provided such officer makes a written determination that such procedure is advantageous to the agency. The proceeds of surplus sales shall be credited to a surplus holding account. Proceeds from surplus sales will be under the control of the Director of IT Support Services. Proceeds of auxiliary equipment surplus sales will be credited to the appropriate auxiliary. On-site sales will be advertised in the newspaper at least ten days prior to the sale. Surplus items offered during the on-site sales will be priced in advance and offered on a first-come basis. The Purchasing Agent may determine the method of disposal of items not sold during the on-site surplus sale, provided it is in the best interest of the College. The online auctions will be held continuously throughout the year. The Dixie State College website will be used to auction surplus items to the public. Award shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the auction instructions to the highest responsive and responsible bidder, provided that the price offerec by such bidder is acceptable to the Purchasing Agent. If an acceptable bid is not received, the Purchasing Agent may determine the method of disposal of the item, provided it is in the best interest of the agency.