Section: 5-Student Services

Policy No: 32

Approved: 4/26/96



32.1 Traffic and parking regulations are established by the college parking board and become effective on the date of approval by the Board of Trustees of Dixie State College.

32.2 These rules govern use and movement of all vehicles on Dixie State College property.

32.3 Dixie State College traffic and parking regulations are in accordance with Utah State Law (title 53, chapter 45: section 1-10). They have been approved

32.3.1 to best utilize roadways and parking areas for the greater benefit of Dixie State College students, staff, faculty and visitors;

32.3.2 to attempt to protect all persons on the campus from injury by vehicles;

32.3.3 to assure access at all times for such emergency vehicles as ambulance, fire, and police.

32.4 Operation of a motor vehicle or bicycle on Dixie State College property is a privilege granted by the college and is not an inherent right of any faculty, staff, student, or visitor. The privilege can legally be denied or revoked for cause at any time by authorized personnel (campus security personnel, administrators, or law enforcement officials).

32.4.1 Causes for revocation of this privilege include: Non-payment of fines Unauthorized use of parking decals or permits Acts of vandalism to facilities Abuse of any parking control personnel (verbal or physical), including threats Habitual offenders (three or more citations)

32.5 Parking Permits

32.5.1 Utah state law stipulates that any vehicle parked or operated on the Dixie State College campus (state property) must be registered with the security department and must show a current parking permit.

32.5.2 It is the sole responsibility of the person who registers a vehicle with the department of campus safety and security to display the permit properly.

32.5.3 Registration is complete when a motor vehicle registration card has been filled out and submitted, along with the permit fee, and a parking permit attached to the inside of the rear window, lower driver's side corner.

32.5.4 Permits may be obtained from the security office, vice president of student services secretary, housing office, or college bookstore.

32.5.5 When a new or different motor vehicle is acquired during the year, the operator must register the new vehicle with the security office.

32.5.6 Failure to register a vehicle with the security office may result in revocation of parking privileges at Dixie State College.

32.5.7 Failure to display a permit properly will constitute failure to comply with the parking rules, and the vehicle registration will be incomplete.

32.5.8 Permits are valid from September l to August 31.

32.5.9 Every motor vehicle parked on campus must display an appropriate decal for their parking space.

32.5.10 A decal does not guarantee a personal parking space, but simply allows parking in designated lots if space is available.

32.5.11 Any person to whom a decal has been issued is responsible for removal of their decal prior to the sale or transfer of possession of the vehicle.

32.6 Traffic and Parking Regulations

32.6.1 The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.

32.6.2 Lack of space is not considered a valid reason for violation of regulations.

32.6.3 The fact that another vehicle is parked in violation of any regulation and does not receive a citation does not authorize such parking, nor does it mean the regulation is no longer in effect.

32.6.4 Double parking on streets or access aisles in parking lots is strictly prohibited, as is parking diagonally which takes up two or more spaces by "over-hanging."

32.6.5 The official speed limit for all vehicles on campus is 10 miles per hour, or as posted, or as safety conditions should indicate.

32.6.6 Sidewalks on campus are reserved for pedestrian traffic with exception given to maintenance vehicles and emergency service vehicles.

32.6.7 Skateboarding and Roller-blading are prohibited from campus sidewalks, roadways, plazas, lawns, and parking lots. Violators of the skateboarding and roller-blading policy may have their skates or blades confiscated, issued a citation and fined, or warned/reprimanded.

32.6.8 All state and local laws pertaining to moving violations shall also be enforced on campus.

32.6.9 Other parking violations are: Falsification of registration information Improper zone parking No parking permit Failure to display permit properly Parking on a sidewalk or lawn Driving any unauthorized motor vehicle on a sidewalk or lawn Parking in front of a barricade or gate Failure to obey signs or curb markings Parking in reserved parking zone Others as specified by the campus security department No overnight recreational vehicle parking on campus

32.7 Towing and Impoundment

32.7.1 Motor vehicles may be impounded from any campus area if allowed to stand in violation of local, state, or college regulations.

32.7.2 Vehicles will be impounded if left in any position which constitutes a hazard; i.e., blocking a fire lane or hydrant, obstructing traffic, blocking a driveway, blocking a loading zone, etc.

32.7.3 Non-registered and/or persistent violators may be subject to impound after 3 unpaid citations, including a warning.

32.7.4 Vehicles may also be impounded if abandoned or disabled.

32.7.5 Owners or operators of vehicles which become disabled on campus must notify the security office within 24 hours to avoid receiving citations.

32.7.6 A vehicle may be impounded by use of a "wheel lock" which may be placed by college personnel upon a vehicle in violation of parking or driving violations on the campus.

32.7.7 A $10 fee must be paid before removal of the lock, or the vehicle will be towed to a state impound yard.

32.7.8 The owner or operator of a towed vehicle will be required to pay all previous fines, the tow bill, and the storage fee before the vehicle will be released.

32.7.9 If the vehicle is not recovered within thirty days of impound, it may become property of the state of Utah.

32.7.10 A vehicle may be impounded for a first violation for parking in a red zone, emergency zone, or a yellow, reserved zone, or handicap/disabled zone.

32.8 Violation Fees

32.8.1 Violation fees and fines are payable at the cashier's office of the college between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

32.8.2 If the fine is not cleared within ten working days of the violation, a penalty fee may be added.

32.8.3 Students with unpaid fines will not be permitted to re-enroll, graduate, obtain a transcript, or transfer their student records until the fines are paid.

32.8.4 Student offenses which necessitate disciplinary measures in addition to violation fees assessed, may be referred to the student affairs committee where further disciplinary action may occur.

32.9 Traffic and Parking Appeals

32.9.1 Anyone issued a citation or fine may appeal his/her ticket to the director of security.

32.9.2 The director will listen to appeals and modify, nullify, or uphold the citation.

32.9.3 If an individual is not satisfied with the decision of the director of security, s/he may appeal the citation to the parking appeals committee.

32.9.4 The appeal must be made within 10 working days after the decision of the security director and must be submitted in writing to the vice president of student services, who will chair the committee.

32.9.5 The committee shall consist of at least two students, two staff members and one faculty member.

32.9.6 The individual making the appeal may have witnesses, statements, etc. to assist their appeal. After reviewing the appeal, the committee will render a decision which will be final.

32.9.7 The decision of the committee will be given to the appellate party immediately after the hearing, and a written copy of the decision will be sent to him/her.