Section: 5-Student Services

Policy No: 28

Approved: 01/29/99



Shiloh (men only) and Nisson Towers (men and women) are located on campus near instructional buildings and the cafeteria.

28.1 Students are required to purchase a meal ticket if they live in college-owned housing. Dormitory rooms do not have cooking facilities.

28.2 Students may reserve college housing by completing a housing application and paying a deposit in advance of the school year.

28.2.1 The deposit is held as a security deposit for the length of the rental contract.

28.2.2 Students who stay in the assigned residence hall for the length of their contract, and who have no outstanding obligations against their account, are eligible to receive a refund of the deposit when the contract expires.

28.3 It is suggested that students apply for housing no later than May 30 to reserve a room for the following fall semester.

28.4 Many other private apartments are located near campus.

28.4.1 Off-campus housing is privately owned and not under the jurisdiction nor policy guidelines of the college.

28.4.2 If off-campus housing elects to participate in the college's interdorm council, they must adhere to the housing rules and regulations established by Dixie State College and participate in interdorm council functions.

28.5 Campus Residence Hall Rules and Regulations

28.5.1 Eligibility requirements: Only single students enrolled in Dixie State College may live in college-owned housing, unless special permission is given by the housing director.

28.5.2 Students who are dismissed from college or quit are no longer eligible to live in the dorms.

28.5.3 A college housing contract in no way implies acceptance to the academic programs of the college.

28.6 The contract may be cancelled by written notification to the housing office, and postmarked prior to August l of the school year for which application is made.

28.6.1 There is no refund for cancellation after August 1.

28.7 Length of Agreement: Students who contract for on-campus residential living are required to fulfill the terms of that contract. The terms of the housing contract apply to the full academic year as identified on the front of the contractual agreement, or if entered into after the start of the year, to the balance of the year.

28.8 Because dorm rates are based on full school year occupancy, a student who contracts for less than the full academic year will be placed on a waiting list and will be placed only after all full-year student requests are honored.

28.9 Occupancy: The contractual agreement schedule begins four days prior to the start of fall semester classes and is terminated at 12:00 noon on the day after commencement.

28.9.1 Students occupying the residence halls prior to or after these dates will be charged a per day rate for extra days.

28.9.2 Residence hall students staying for the academic year will not be charged to stay in the residence halls during semester breaks.

28.9.3 If a student does not return to the residence hall for the next semester, s/he will be charged a daily rate of $10 for the semester break and each day until the room is vacated.

28.9.4 No room rate reduction is permitted for absences, including those for student teaching, athletic participation, or similar college affiliated programs.

28.10 Room Assignment: Priority is given to full academic year contracts according to the date of the housing application.

28.10.1 The housing office reserves the right to reassign rooms in the interest of order, safety, health, discipline, disaster, or best use of facilities for the good of the residence hall community, including, but not limited to, consolidation of rooms, floors, and halls.

28.10.2 The housing office reserves the right to schedule unoccupied rooms for conference use throughout the year.

28.10.3 If vacancy occurs in a room or apartment, the student agrees to accept other roommates as assigned or move to other rooms at the request of the housing director.

28.10.4 All room changes and hall transfers must be properly documented with a check-out form, which must be completed at the time of the move and approved by the Director of Housing.

28.11 Single Rooms: All rooms (except the top floor of Shiloh Hall) are built as double rooms. When there are vacancies, single rooms may become available.

28.11.1 Dorm assistants will be assigned (when rooms are available) a single room at the double occupancy rate with priority over other dorm residents.

28.11.2 The student who does not have a roommate and is paying the standard double room rate may choose one of the following options: Pay the additional single room charge. Move in with another student in a double room or share the current with another student.

28.12 Use of Facilities: Student rooms and furnishings provided therein are to be used in the manner for which they were assigned.

28.12.1 College property, including room, lounge, and computer room furnishings, may not be moved from room to room or taken from the buildings.

28.13 Unauthorized Articles and Actions:

28.13.1 Pets are not allowed in residence halls or in any college housing area. Any pet will be removed immediately, and the deposit for the apartment will be retained for cleaning and sanitizing the apartment. Exception: fishes in fish bowls or small caged birds (finch, canary or parakeet).

28.13.2 Firearms and explosives are not permitted in the residence halls.

28.13.3 Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs (including, but not limited to, narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs, or central nervous system stimuli, or paraphernalia or containers) within the halls is a violation of college regulations and State law.

28.13.4 Cooking and use of coil resistance or open flame appliances, such as hotplates, are not permitted in the rooms. Microwaves are permissible.

28.13.5 Sales and solicitations are prohibited unless authorized by the vice president of student services.

28.13.6 Overnight visitors must be properly registered with the housing office.

28.13.7 Dart boards and bar bells are not permitted in the residence halls.

28.13.8 Pictures are not to be hung on walls with anything that will damage the walls.

28.13.9 Nude or sexually explicit or offensive pictures or drawings may not be displayed in the residence halls.

28.13.10 Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of the residence halls.

28.13.11 Climbing on the roof of any dorm residence hall is forbidden.

28.13.12 The use of profane, vulgar, or derogatory language will not be permitted in or around student housing.

28.13.13 Gambling in any form will not be permitted in the housing units.

28.13.14 Anyone other than a college official who enters a room without the permission of its registered occupants may be charged with trespassing or illegal entry.

28.13.15 Quiet hours begin at 8:00 p.m. After this time all residents are required to turn down radios, walk and talk quietly, and in general, create a situation conducive to study. Even though quiet hours do not begin until 8:00 p.m., other residents' privacy should be respected and noise must be kept at a minimum at all times.

28.13.16 Excessive loud music from radios and stereos will not be allowed in or near the dorms.

28.13.17 Men are not allowed in women's dorms, and women are not allowed in men's dorms, except during scheduled visiting hours. Visiting hours for the college dorms are 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. weekdays, and 10:00 a.m. until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

28.13.18 Sexual activity or sex acts of any kind are prohibited in college housing.

28.13.19 Public nudity or public exposure of the naked body or private body parts is prohibited.

28.14 Student Responsibilities: Students are required to abide by all laws and all college housing regulations, as well as such rules of conduct as may be adopted by the student organization of the hall in which they reside.

28.14.1 Violators of any of the college’s policies or procedures will be subject to disciplinary action including possible immediate expulsion from the residence halls at Dixie State College. All dorm rules are in effect during the entire school year. This includes all vacations and breaks.

28.14.2 Discipline will generally be handled at the lowest level possible and may be appealed to the next higher level only, in this order: resident assistant, head resident, dorm standards committee, housing director, inter-dorm council, vice president of student services, student affairs committee, and finally, the college president.

28.14.3 Violation of rules not covered by state law will be handled as follows: Two warnings are typically given, one verbal and one written. However, serious offenses may call for immediate expulsion and will be dealt with on an individual basis. The third offense will require the student to move from the residence halls. The student may appeal a third offense eviction to the director of housing who will issue a final judgment as to whether the student may stay in the dorm. The director may also refer a third-time offender to the student affairs committee for further disciplinary action.

28.15 A student is considered non-compliant if s/he fails to perform and comply with the conditions of the contractual agreement, or

28.15.1 Fails to pay rent or other charges when due,

28.15.2 Does not comply with rules and regulations of residence halls, federal, state or local laws, or college policies where applicable,

28.15.3 Fails to respect the rights of the other residents, or creates disturbances which interfere with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of residents or which constitutes a detriment to the orderly living and learning community of the residence halls students and staff.

28.16 In the event of non-compliance by a student, the housing director may take any one or more of the following actions against the student:

28.16.1 Cancel his/her contract within 24 hours with either written and/or verbal notice to the student, serve notice, and evict the student.

28.16.2 Take action for any or all damages caused by the student, in addition to those which may otherwise be provided for by law or other campus policy.

28.16.3 Pursue disciplinary procedures provided in all resident living and college policies and regulations for any violation thereof through the inter-dorm council, housing director, vice president of student services and/or student affairs committee.

28.17 Contract Release: The student may be released from the terms of the contractual agreement with the appropriate pro-rating of fees in the event of

28.17.1 College Withdrawal. If the student re-enrolls within the original annual contractual agreement period, the obligation is reinstated for the remainder of the contractual agreement period.

28.17.2 Health/Marriage/Personal Need. Documentary evidence must be presented to the housing office with an exception to policy statement for consideration by the student services appeal committee.

28.17.3 Buy-Out. A student wishing to leave before the end of the contract, but still remaining in college may ask the student services appeal committee to approve a buy-out option which would be a forfeiture of the housing deposit plus a one-hundred dollar buy-out penalty.

28.18 Rates: The student shall pay the fees as specified for room and meal plan according to the rates specified on the front of the contractual agreement. All fees are payable in advance, prior to occupancy of assigned quarters.

28.18.1 Rate Charges Begin. Room rates are charged from the date of the commencement of the contractual agreement, or pro-rated from the date of official check-in, whichever is earlier.

28.18.2 Refund Rates. Students who officially withdraw from the college may receive a pro-rated refund when they are checked out of the residence halls.

28.18.3 Late fees and service charges will be assessed by the cashier's office, following present college policy.

28.19 Check-out procedures in vacating the residence hall for all students are as follows:

28.19.1 Contact resident advisor or head resident and make appointment for check-out.

28.19.2 Remove all personal articles and belongings.

28.19.3 Clean apartment and bathroom thoroughly. Failure to clean rooms thoroughly will result in forfeiture of deposit refunds.

28.19.4 Have room checked and inventoried by the resident advisor or head resident.

28.19.5 Return all keys and housing equipment.

28.19.6 Turn in check-out sheet to the housing office.

28.19.7 Unless all of these items are satisfactorily completed, a proper check-out has not been executed and rent/penalty continues to be assessed.