Section: 5-Student Services

Policy No: 14

Approved:  4/26/96
Revised:  1/22/10



I.          The Privacy and confidentiality of all student records shall be preserved as outlined in relevant federal and local laws (i.e. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Government Records Access Management Act).

   A.    Official student records shall be maintained only by members of the College staff employed for that purpose.  Separate record files may be maintained under the following categories: (i) academic, academic counseling, financial aid, and placement; (ii) disciplinary; (iii) medical, psychiatric, and health. When justified by legitimate law enforcement needs, the campus security agency may maintain confidential records relating primarily to its investigative function.

II.         Access and Challenge of Accuracy of Records

   A.    Access to the student's official records and files is guaranteed every student subject to the limitations set forth in relevant federal and local laws (i.e. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Government Records Access and Management Act).

i.        Access to specific portions of a studentís official record may be limited if the student has an unfulfilled financial obligation to the College.

a.       The Registrarís Office must approve all procedures that involve denying a student access to his or her records.

ii.        Students with complaints, inquiries, or requests for review of official records are directed to the vice president of student services.

   B.    Matters prohibited in official records EXCEPT as required by law or governmental regulations or as authorized by written consent of the student involved: official student records will not contain information regarding a membership in any organizations other than honorary and professional organizations directly related to the educational process.

III.         Enrollment

   A.    Students must be registered in a class by the semester's add deadline to receive credit.

   B.    It is the responsibility of the student to check his/her class schedule, at the time of registration, after any adds or drops and prior to the end of the add and drop deadlines to make sure s/he is officially enrolled in classes.

IV.         Transcripts

   A.    A transcript is an official record of a student's academic performance.

i.        The contents of a transcript may not be altered except as set forth in specific College policies.

   B.    Official transcripts can be requested online, in writing, by fax on the appropriate forms, or in person with picture identification at the Registrar's Office.

i.        In order to receive an official transcript, all financial obligations to the College must be cleared.

ii.        A fee is required for an official transcript.

   C.    Unofficial transcripts, beginning with the academic year 1986-1987 are available online at no cost.

i.        Unofficial transcripts for all academic years are available in person at the Registrar's Office.  Picture identification is required.

ii.        A fee is required for a printed unofficial transcript.

V.         Grading System

   A.    The current grade system is based upon a 4.00 scale as follows:



Point Value





















































No Grade



Missing grade


*does not affect GPA

   B.    The criteria for grading students shall be performance on tests, exams, papers, and/or assignments, as well as participating in class discussion and activities, and other evaluative processes necessary and appropriate for determining a student's achievement level.  Any or all of these procedures may be part of the total evaluation as adopted by individual professors to fit the goals and objectives of a particular course.

VI.        Midterm Grades

   A.    Instructors are required to submit midterm grades for students who have a grade of D+ or below.

   B.    The deadline for submitting midterm grades will be included in the semester calendar.

   C.    Submitting midterm grades for students whose grade is C- or above is optional.

VII.        Final Grades

   A.    Instructors are responsible for posting final grades in the online student information system no later than two business days after the end of the final exam period for the semester.

VIII.       Grade Changes

   A.    Grade changes are to be made only in the following circumstances:

i.        When an incorrect grade was entered.

a.         If a student claims grading errors, s/he must notify the instructor no later than the last day of the following semester, excluding summer semester.

ii.        When a student has completed the work required to finish a class for which an incomplete grade has been assigned.

a.         Grade changes for incomplete grades must be submitted within one calendar year of the grade being issued.

iii.        When a student's Exception to Policy Petition has been granted.

a.         Exception to Policy Petition must be received within four calendar years of the grade being issued.

IX.         Incomplete Grades

   A.    A grade of "I" may be used for a student who has completed a substantial portion of a course and is unable to complete the coursework for a legitimate reason (e.g. serious illness or accident).

   B.    The grade of "I" must be used only for a student who is passing the course and who needs to complete less than 20% of the coursework.

   C.    An "I" grade must not be used in a way that will permit a student to retake the course without paying tuition.

   D.    A student who receives an incomplete does not re-register for the class.  If the situation requires that the student sign up for the class again, the instructor should give the grade that was earned.  Ordinarily, completing the coursework will not require that a student attend class or complete the work by attending class.

   E.    Copies of the incomplete contract, signed by the instructor and the student, must be submitted to the appropriate department chair and the Registrar's Office no later than the third week of the following semester.

   F.    Once the student has completed the coursework, the instructor must submit a Grade Change form to the Registrar's Office.

   G.    The "I" grade will be changed to an "F" grade by the Registrar's Office after one calendar year if:

i.        The student does not finish the work.

ii.        The instructor does not submit a Grade Change form.

   H.    Instructors may institute deadlines of less than one calendar year for the completion of coursework.

X.         Repeated Courses

   A.    Students may repeat a class for a better grade under one of the following conditions:

i.        The class was originally taken at Dixie State College.

ii.        The course repeat was taken at another institution but articulates to a Dixie State College course previously taken as determined by an existing articulation agreement or the appropriate department chair.

   B.    Students must register and pay tuition and fees for repeated classes.

   C.    When a course is repeated, the most recent grade received will be used in the calculation of the GPA.

   D.    Previous grades and credit hours for the same course remain on the student's academic record, but do not count in the GPA or total hours completed.

   E.    Credit hours for repeated course will be counted only once toward graduation and other requirements.

XI.        Academic Renewal

   A.    Academic renewal allows students to remove previous poor grades from grade point calculation in limited circumstances.

   B.    Academic renewal applies only to Dixie State College or transfer courses having grades of D+, D, D-, or F taken at least five calendar years prior to the time of the request.

   C.    All such courses will remain unaltered on the transcript with the appropriate notation added to the transcript to indicate academic renewal.

   D.    Conditions under which a petition for academic renewal will be considered:

i.        Coursework must have been completed at least five years previous to the petition.

ii.        The student must be enrolled at Dixie State College at the time of application for academic renewal.

iii.        The student must have completed at least fifteen credit hours at Dixie State College after the coursework being considered for academic renewal.

iv.        The student must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in courses completed after the coursework being considered for academic renewal.

v.        A non-refundable fee is required with the petition for academic renewal.

   E.    If academic renewal is granted, designated courses will not count in the computation of GPA for earned credits, not for satisfying any requirement, including number of credits.

   F.    Each student may only receive academic renewal once.  Academic renewal is not reversible.

   G.    Once a certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree is awarded by any institution, course(s) completed prior to the award of that certificate or degree will not qualify for academic renewal.

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