Section: 5-Student Services

Policy No: 13
Approved: 4/26/96
Revised: 3/16/00
Revised: 04/21/05



13.1 Scholarship programs at Dixie State College encompass awards for academic preparedness, talent, financial need, and other areas.

13.2 Institutional aid including endowment funds, state-authorized tuition waivers, and other funds set aside by the college and designated by the President of the College for use for this purpose.

13.3 Institutional awards for academic preparedness will be awarded at the time of admissions based upon student academic preparation and other factors as determined by Dixie State College.

13.4 Institutional aid for talent and leadership will be awarded based on departmental recruitment and student application of assistance through the appropriate application process.

13.5 Institutional aid for needy students will be awarded on an individual basis, generally to students who have documented need through the completion of the FAFSA.

13.6 Academic Awards

13.6.1 Criteria for awarding academic scholarships will be established on a yearly basis and are dependent upon scholarship resources.

13.6.2 Satisfactory progress for scholarship will be monitored each year. If a student drops below the 3.0 GPA level, but stays above the 2.0 GPA level, the scholarship will be reduced to half for the following year. If the student regains the 3.0 standard for a subsequent annual review, the initial scholarship will be reinstated. Should a student earn less than a 2.0 GPA, the total scholarship will be rescinded.

13.6.3 Students who do not qualify for an academic scholarship at entrance may earn an academic scholarship as a continuing student if their performance merits such an award and funds are available. Applications will be accepted on an annual basis by the Office of Financial Assistance.

13.7 Talent Awards

13.7.1 Talent awards are usually determined by departmental standards and processes.

13.7.2 Talent awards are usually determined by departmental scholarship committees or left to the discretion of select faculty members.

13.7.3 Talent scholarships vary in amount and have different restrictions from one department to another.

13.7.4 Talent scholarship recipients must complete a minimum of 12 units of credit each semester.

13.7.5 Talent scholarship recipients whose grade point average falls below the 2.00 grade point average requirement will lose their talent award.

13.8 Extra-Curricular, Student Government, and Student Organization Scholarships

13.8.1 It is noted that it is a privilege, rather than a right, to participate in these programs at Dixie State College.

13.8.2 Students participating in extra-curricular programs, student government, and other student organizations must not fall below a minimum of 2.50 semester and cumulative grade point average to maintain scholarship status. Specific scholarship guidelines for ASDC (student government) are outlined in the ASDC constitution.

13.8.3 Students on scholarship as listed above must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and take courses which lead to graduation.

13.9 Scholarship Deferments

13.9.1 Scholarship recipients may defer their awards for up to three years, but must request in writing that the scholarship office hold the award for them. Notification that the student is returning should be received by the scholarship office before the March 1st deadline preceding the reinstatement of the award.

13.10 Coordinator of scholarships and all disbursement of scholarship funds are handled by the Office of Financial Assistance.

13.11 No more than one full tuition waiver can be used by a student in a single term. However, a student may have multiple scholarships from sources other than a tuition waiver. If a scholarship award causes financial need as determined by federal regulations governing federal aid to be exceeded the scholarship coordinator has the authority to reduce awarded funds. When reductions affect departmental scholarships, the authorizing agent from the department will be consulted.

13.12 If a student on institutional aid does not meet the requirements of his/her contract, institutional aid may be rescinded. Generally, aid that has been paid for a semester can not be recalled. However, if mutual agrement is reached between a department and a student, and the student returns the funds to the student's account, the funds will be applied back to a department's account.

13.13 Any appeal to this policy will be made to the Dixie State College Student Services Vice President.