Section: 5-Student Services

Policy No: 12

Approved: 3/11/98
Revised: 04/21/05



A comprehensive variety of federal, state, and institutional financial assistance programs are available to students at Dixie State College based upon guidelines that determine financial eligibility. This policy is not all-inclusive of institutional policy and does not supersede the institutional policy manual held by the financial aid office. For detailed policy and/or clarification, consult the detailed manual.

12.1 Students who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States may apply for assistance under any and all of these programs.

12.2 There is no discrimination in awarding financial aid due to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, pregnancy-related condition, physical disability, or being a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era. Federal financial aid is designed to help students bridge the gap between what they and their families can be expected to pay and what it will cost to attend Dixie State College. Institutional aid is used to assist students who want to attend Dixie State College who have a high level of preparation for success, talent, and/or financial need. (Refer to Scholarship Policy 5-13 for further information on institutional aid.)

12.3 Federal and Utah State Assistance Application Procedure

12.3.1 Submit an application for admission to Dixie State College.

12.3.2 Complete a Free Application for federal student aid (FAFSA). See www.FAFSA.ed.gov.

12.3.3 Submit all requested verification data to the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.3.4 The deadline for priority funding for students desiring financial aid assistance for the academic school year is May 1st.

12.4 A student who has met the qualifications and demonstrated financial need may be awarded assistance in the form of scholarships, state or federal grants, loans and part-time employment. In addition, institutional aid can be awarded to students who have not demonstrated financial need, but who demonstrate college preparedness or talent.

12.4.1 Amounts of federal and state assistance given to meet financial need will be determined by analyzing financial "need" as determined by the Department of Education through the FAFSA. The "packaging policy" of financial aid is based on federal regulation and focuses on the total financial needs of the student in contrast with his/her resources and is designed to fit the student's eligibility. A complete packaging policy is available in the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.5 All need-based awards are based upon budgets developed annually by the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.6 Types of Federal Financial Assistance (Subject to change based on federal law.)

12.6.1 Federal Pell Grant

12.6.2 Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

12.6.3 Federal Perkins Loan

12.6.4 Federal and State Work Study

12.6.5 State Grants (UCOPE and LEAP)

12.6.6 Federally subsidized Stafford Student Loan (formerly the Guaranteed Student Loan)

12.6.7 Federally unsubsidized Stafford Loans

12.6.8 Federal Plus Loans

12.7 Financial Aid Special Circumstances

12.7.1 Any student who believes the financial circumstances of his/her needs are not reflected in the information asked on the federal financial aid application may request special consideration through the Office of Financial Assistance. The policy governing "Institutional Professional Judgment" can be requested from the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.8 Satisfactory Progress

12.8.1 The Office of Financial Assistance monitors satisfactory progress at least yearly of each student who receives assistance. Monitoring of federal aid is governed by federal regulation. A complete policy for satisfactory progress can be requested from the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.9 Ability to Benefit

12.9.1 In order to be eligible for federal financial aid at Dixie State College, a student who is beyond the age of compulsory education that has been admitted into an eligible program, but does not have a high school diploma or its equivalent, must pass one of the examinations approved by the U. S. Department of Education. A complete policy is available in the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.10 Refund and Repayment of Financial Aid

12.10.1 A student on federal financial aid who withdraws, drops out, or is expelled from Dixie State College may owe a refund or repayment to the federal government.

12.10.2 The amount of a repayment will be determined by the guidelines in the federal regulations that require specific calculations for refunds of federal funds (refer also to Student Tuition and Fee Payment Policy 5-17). A copy of the federal regulation guidelines on repayments may be obtained from the Office of Financial Assistance.

12.11 Consortium Agreements for Financial Aid

12.11.1 Dixie State College has signed consortium agreements with some state institutions to allow students who are working toward certificates or degrees at one institution to combine credits from two institutions and receive financial assistance for credits taken at both colleges. It is generally agreed among the institutions that the "home" school (the school where the student is earning the degree) will pay aid for a consortium student; however, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

12.11.2 Students desiring financial aid consideration under a consortium agreement must complete the financial aid application and consult with a counselor from the financial aid office.

12.12 Financial Aid Appeals

12.12.1 Any student has the right to appeal decisions regarding the disposition of his/her financial aid.

12.12.2 Appeals must first be presented in writing to the financial aid office personnel. The appeal will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.

12.12.3 Decisions of the financial aid appeals committee may include a variety of actions without specific guidelines mandated by this policy. Committee decisions will be made by majority vote. If a student feels he/she has been treated unfairly, the student may appeal further to the vice president of student services.

12.13 Short-Term Loans

12.13.1 Short-term loans are semester emergency loans for school-related expenses. They will be issued to students on the basis of need with a substantial guarantee for full repayment within the semester.

12.13.2 Loan co-signers may be required prior to loan approval. Dixie State College employees or other college students cannot be valid co-signers. There is a non-refundable loan application fee as determined by the Business Services Office.

12.14 Veteran Students Attendance Tracking

12.14.1 Veteran student enrollment will be verified and reported to the Veterans Administration using the add/drop, official withdrawal, and unofficial withdrawal policies.

12.14.2 An unofficial withdrawal will be noted with the "WF" grade and the last date of verifiable attendance will be documented by the instructors and reported on the final grade roll. The instructors may use the last date an assignment was handed in, the date the last exam was taken, or daily attendance reports.

12.14.3 The certifying official is responsible for submitting information regarding: changes in credit hours or enrollment unsatisfactory progress or conduct, and/or interruption and termination of attendance of each veteran, service person, reservist, or eligible person.

12.14.4 These events must be reported (and received by the Department of Veteran Affairs) no later than 30 days after the occurrence.