Section: 4-Staff

Policy No: 39

Approved: 02/01/02



39.1 Purpose

To make available professional development funds to provide full time staff members with the opportunities that will enhance both the ability to contribute to the College and individual growth. Funds are evenly available to all staff, but may also be allotted to departments or divisions in certain priority identified deficiences.

39.2 Definitions

39.2.1 Full Time Employee: .75 FTE or greater.

39.2.2 Staff Employee: Classified and professional/administrative employee who is salaried or full time hourly and without faculty appointment.

39.2.3 Administration: The executive officers of the college (President and vice presidents).

39.3 The Staff Professional Development Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the administration for the awarding of funds.

39.3.1 Staff Professional Development Committee assignments are determined in June of each year in a meeting with the Staff Association President, President of the College, Human Resources Director, and Vice Presidents. The committee will consist of both professional and classified staff.

39.4 The following areas will be considered for funding:

39.4.1 Off-Campus Requests: Activities targeting deficiencies as identified by the administration Activities targeting evaluative deficiencies Attending conferences or seminars Attending a national conference within one's field Attending training seminars Earning a degree for critical shortage areas identified by administration

39.4.2 On-Campus Requests: Activities targeting evaluative deficiencies Projects designed to assist an individual staff member to improve their performance in an area where they've been shown to have a weakness Projects designed to assist an individual staff member to enhance knowledge in the discipline Workshops or campus speakers Audio/Video Training Tapes

39.5 Priorities to Determine Eligibility:

39.5.1 Priority given to identified deficiencies

39.5.2 Evidence that courses of study or training will result in a direct benefit to Dixie State College.

39.5.3 Cumulative total of professional development funds previously awarded may reduce individual or department eligibility priority.

39.6 To be considered for a professional development award, an applicant shall obtain and complete an Application for Professional Development Award. This form will be submitted to the appropriate supervisor and vice president, who will review and initial his/her approval. The application will be forwarded to the staff professional development committee chair.

39.7 Applications will be accepted throughout the year with decision dates November 1st, April 1st, and July 1st. The Staff Professional Development Committee will review applications and make a recommendation to the administration. The administration will approve the awarding of staff professional development funds.

39.8 Following notification of approval, the applicant may acquire funds by submitting a completed Request for Travel Authorization form to the staff professional development committee chair.

39.9 All recipients of professional development funds will be required to submit a Travel Claim Form, with required receipts, to the Purchasing Director.

39.10 Follow-up report and evaluation

39.10.1 Employees who receive an award are required, upon completion of the project, to submit a final accounting and evaluation report. The report must include an accounting of expenditures and an evaluation of the total project.

39.10.2 The evaluation should include:

1) A specific overview and rating of the conference/workshop/training.

2) An appraisal of its value to other employees.

3) A specific indication of how the information acquired is useful to your job and how you will implement what you have learned.

39.10.3 A Supervisor of an employee receiving an award because of targeted deficiencies has ninety days to evaluate the effectiveness of the training and meet with employee to discuss this evaluation. A copy of the evaluation will be attached to the employee's performance appraisal.