Section:          4 - Staff



Policy No:      37


Approved:      10/09/98

Revised:         04/30/04

Revised:         02/10/07






37.1    Dixie State College Athletic Department Philosophy:  The Athletic Department at Dixie State College (DSC) strives to help students to define, shape and achieve educational and life goals, contributing to the College’s personalized and excellent teaching in a learning environment where all students can become passionate about their individual educational endeavors. Athletic teams and programs are designed to fuel students’ desire for achievement both in the classroom and on the field or court. The Athletic Department’s core values are:  1) integrity, 2) academic success, 3) compliance with NCAA and College regulations, 4) competitiveness, 5) fiscal responsibility, and 6) positive deportment of coaches and athletes.


37.2    Athletic Employment Categories


37.2.1      Administrative Positions   Executive Director Athletics:  Directs the Intercollegiate Athletic Program, including fund raising, promotion of programs and supervision of Athletic Department Staff.  The Athletic Director is ultimately held responsible for the success of the Athletic programs and the deportment of the coaches and athletes. Details of the Athletic Director’s duties and responsibilities are defined in the job description.   Associate Athletic Director:  Serves as the business manager for the athletic department, monitors all athletic budgets, conducts the corporate sponsor program, and performs other tasks as assigned by the Athletic Director. Details of the Associate Athletic Director’s duties and responsibilities are defined in the job description.   Assistant Athletic Director/ Compliance Officer:  Ensures compliance with all NCAA, Conference, and College rules and regulations, serves as the College’s compliance officer, and performs other tasks as assigned by the Athletic Director. Details of the Assistant Athletic Director/ Compliance Officer’s duties and responsibilities are defined in the job description.


37.2.2      Coaching Positions:   Head Coaches are coaches with ultimate responsibility for their teams. Head Coaches are supervised by the Athletic Director.   Assistant Coaches are coaches who assist the Head Coaches in their duties.  Assistant Coaches are supervised by Head Coaches.   Adjunct Head Coaches are coaches with ultimate responsibility for their teams, but are hired under part-time contracts. Adjunct Head Coaches are supervised by the Athletic Director.   Adjunct Assistant Coaches are coaches who assist Head Coaches or Adjunct Head Coaches in their duties. They are hired under part-time contracts by the Athletic Director.   Multi-Disciplined Coaches may be assigned a variety of combinations of staff, faculty and coaching duties. They may also hold full-time or part-time positions. These positions are hired by the Athletic Director, possibly in conjunction with other departmental supervisors.   Instructors/Coaches are faculty in the Academic Department with coaching responsibilities, who are supervised by the Department Chair in their teaching duties and by the Athletic Director in their coaching duties. Employment as a teacher and employment as a coach are separate agreements, not contingent upon each other.   Rebellette and Cheerleader Coaches are coaches or advisors who will be designated in accordance with one of the above stated coaching classifications. As such they will also be bound by the conditions of this policy. They are hired by the Athletic Director.   Volunteer Coaches are coaches who volunteer to assist Head Coaches or Adjunct Head Coaches in their duties. Volunteers are not employees of the College.


37.3    Athletic Employment Status


37.3.1      Hiring Procedures for full-time Athletics personnel will include formal consideration of candidates’ commitment and capabilities to abide by NCAA rules.  During hiring procedures for Athletics personnel, candidates for all coaching positions will be asked, and NCAA enforcement staff will be contacted, to determine whether they have been involved in past NCAA rules violations.


37.3.2      Full time budgeted athletic positions (.75 FTE or greater) are eligible for full benefits (see Benefits Policy 4-15).


37.3.3      Full-time coaching positions and full-time athletic administrative positions are exempt positions, and the persons holding them will be treated as professionals with duties to fulfill and not hours to maintain. Successful performance may require work at all hours of the day, on weekends, and during national holidays. 


37.3.4      “At-Will” Status:  Athletic administrative and coaching positions are “at-will” and may be terminated at any time, with or without cause.  Hiring and continuation of employment are at the discretion of the College President.


37.3.5      Coaches’ additional assignments in other areas are also held “at-will”, with continued employment in all areas contingent on continuation of the coaching assignment.


37.3.6      Athletics department personnel employment agreements will be established on an annual basis.   Statements of conditions of employment, including compensation, will be set forth in memorandums of understanding.   Compliance with the law, NCAA rules and regulations, and Dixie State College policy are understood conditions of employment, and violation may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


37.4    Duties of Head Coaches


37.4.1      Achievement of a successful athletic program, defined by the following criteria:   First, integrity.   Second, academic success of student-athletes as demonstrated by satisfactory progress toward the degree, grade point averages and graduation rates.   Third, compliance with NCAA and College rules and regulations.   Fourth, athletic competitiveness (win/loss record).   Fifth, fiscal responsibility.   And Sixth, deportment of the head coach and the athletes under his/her direction.


37.4.2      Participating in annual (or more frequent) continuing-education programs regarding NCAA and conference rules.


37.4.3      Recruitment, coaching, training and development of the team.


37.4.4      Teaching related sports competition and conditioning classes.


37.4.5      Organizing game schedule.


37.4.6      Arranging for team travel to games.


37.4.7      Maintaining non-deficit spending of team budgets and complying with College financial practices and policies.


37.4.8      Assisting with team and individual statistics collection and Sports Information dissemination when necessary.


37.4.9      Assisting with game management of other sports as assigned by Athletic Director.


37.4.10    Assisting with fund raising when requested.


37.4.11    Other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director such as attending booster events.


37.5    Coaches must receive approval of the Athletic Director, Human Resources Director, and appropriate Dean before contracting to work other assignments on campus.