Section: 4-Staff

Policy No: 16

Approved: 10/9/98



The Dixie State College tuition waiver program is available as an employment benefit for College personnel, their spouses and their dependents, including retired and emeriti employees.

16.1 General Conditions

16.1.1 The tuition waiver applies only to Dixie State College credit bearing classes. Unless otherwise specified, no distinction is made between courses taken on a credit or audit basis. Non-credit, community education, Short-Term Intensive Training (STIT), Institute for Continued Learning (ICL), and Elder Hostel courses and other workshops do not allow for tuition or fee waivers.

16.1.2 Staff may take one class of up to four credits of course work per semester during work hours, under the following conditions: The course is part of a certificate or degree program and/or will enhance the employee’s skills in away that benefits the College. The supervisor approves and has arranged for coverage of phones, etc., so that there is no lapse in important services. Approval is given by the vice president of purview. Appropriate forms are filed with the human resources office, registrar and cashier.

16.1.3 Faculty may not take classes during their scheduled class time.

16.1.4 Regular or special fees, such as laboratory, field trip, individual instruction, and consumable materials fees are not included in the tuition waiver.

16.1.5 Employees and their dependents are also eligible for the three credits or fewer fee waiver offered to the public.

16.2 Eligibility

16.2.1 Full-time Faculty and Staff Faculty who hold full-time nine-month contracts and staff who hold at least a .75 FTE contract are eligible for full tuition waivers. Full-time faculty and staff may take as many credits as they choose, according to College regulations, if they meet the above conditions.

16.2.2 Spouses and Dependents of Full-time Faculty and Staff. Spouses and dependents of full-time faculty and staff (holding at least a .75 FTE contract) are eligible for full tuition waivers. To qualify as a dependent for full tuition waivers, one must be 26 years of age or younger, a member of the employee's immediate family, and never have been married. Step-children are included. If a dependent ceases to meet the above criteria for inclusion, s/he will not be granted waivers, beginning the semester following the one in which the status changed.

16.2.3 Adjunct and Part Time Faculty who teach credit bearing classes Adjunct and Part Time faculty are eligible for a "three credit or fewer" tuition waiver for themselves during the fiscal year. Only adjunct faculty who teach credit bearing and non-concurrent enrollment classes are eligible for a tuition waiver. Tuition will be waived for three credits or fewer only for the semester in which work for the College is performed.

16.2.4 Emeritus and Retired Employees Emeritus and retired employees, who have worked for the College at least four years, are eligible for full tuition waivers, if they meet the program conditions. Spouses and dependents of retired employees, who have worked for the College at least four years, are eligible for full tuition waivers, if they meet the above program conditions. The definition for "dependent" is the same as that stated for "Spouses and Dependents of Full-time Faculty and Staff". (See

16.2.5 Spouses and Dependents of Deceased Full-time Staff or Faculty Employees. Upon a full-time employee's death, full tuition waivers will continue to be available for the employee's spouse and eligible dependents who meet the program conditions. The definition of "dependent" is the same as that stated for "Spouses and Dependents of Full-time Faculty and Staff". (See

16.3 Procedure

16.3.1 Tuition Waiver forms are available from the Human Resource Office or on the College homepage.

16.3.2 Tuition waivers are granted on a single semester basis.

16.3.3 Tuition waivers must be granted and filed with the Cashier's Office before the third week enrollment drop date. Without the tuition waiver process completed, an employee may be dropped from a class due to unpaid tuition.

16.3.4 The employee is responsible for obtaining signatures from the Human Resource Office and supervisors. The paperwork must be turned into the Cashier's Office.