Section: 4-Staff

Policy No: 10

Approved: 10/27/95



10.1 The College will maintain official personnel files on employees which contain materials relevant to the individual's employment and will be the repository of such information.

10.2 The Human Resource Director is responsible for maintaining official personnel files.

10.3 Departments may maintain secondary employee files, with departmentally relevant information, which assist them in administration.

10.4 All personnel files will be secured and only authorized personnel will be permitted to view them. They are protected under the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA).

10.4.1 Personnel files are the property of the College.

10.4.2 Personnel files may be accessed by administration, supervisors and the employee, if allowed under the GRAMA.

10.4.3 Medical evaluation files are kept separate from the general personnel files and are to be accessed only by the Human Resource Officers and by the employee, unless they are determined to be disclosable under GRAMA or by other legal means.

10.4.4 No person has the right to inspect or copy the contents of the personnel file relating to any other individual, except to the extent that such a person may be authorized to do so pursuant to the GRAMA.

10.4.5 Information may be released by written authorization of the employee.

10.5 An employee has the right to review and have copies made of the contents of his/her file(s) upon request, in the presence of a Human Resource Officer, except for information or materials therein that are classified as "controlled" or "protected" under the GRAMA.

10.5.1 A request to examine a file is to be made to the Human Resource Director.

10.5.2 Information which relates to persons other than the subject employee shall be temporarily removed from the file before employee inspection.

10.5.3 Letters or memoranda of recommendation, evaluation, or criticism which were submitted under request of confidentiality shall be temporarily removed from the file before employee inspection.

10.6 An employee is to be sent a copy of any derogatory or negative information by its originator, before it is placed in his/her file.

10.7 An employee may submit a written response to be included in his/her file(s) whenever derogatory or negative information is placed in the file(s).

10.8 An employee may request the inclusion of relevant documents to be added to his/her file(s). (Relevancy to be determined by the Director of Human Resources.)

10.9 Employees must notify the Human Resource Office of changes in names, address, telephone number, number of dependents, and any other changes that affect their benefits or personnel matters.

10.10 An employee can challenge any factual statement or entry of factual data in his/her file upon the ground that it is inaccurate, misleading, inappropriate, or otherwise a violation of individual rights.

10.10.1 Any such challenge shall be in writing to the Human Resource Director, who will review the facts and supporting data and make a determination as to the challenge.