Section:          4 - Staff



Policy No:      9


Approved:      06/02/95

Revised:         11/17/00

Revised:         10/21/04

Policy:    PROBATION


4-9       PROBATION


9.1       All full-time staff (.75 FTE or greater) employees shall serve a probationary period of one year, starting the first day of employment, during which time their work performance and general suitability for their position will be evaluated.


9.2       If completed, the probationary period will end on the anniversary date of hire.


9.3       A six month and an annual performance appraisal will be completed by the supervisor, with related interviews.


9.4       An employee who applies for and receives another position at the College and who has previously completed the one year probationary period will only serve a six month probationary period for the new position.  Any employee who has not completed the initial probationary period must complete a full year of probation at the second position.


9.5       The probationary period may be extended up to six months longer in those cases that indicate that additional training and experience may enable the employee to be successful.


9.5.1    An extension must be based upon written indication of the deficiencies and the steps which must be taken in order to address those deficiencies.


9.5.2    The Human Resource Office and the employee concerned will be notified in writing of the extension, the deficiencies and the required remedy.


9.6       During the probationary period, an employee may be terminated with or without cause. (See Termination Policy, 4-27)


9.6.1    An employee who is released during the probationary period shall be given two weeks notice.


9.6.2        If an employee is being released for serious misconduct, two weeks notice is not required.    Examples of serious misconduct are listed, but not limited to those in the Disciplinary policy, 4-26.

9.6.3    A probationary employee does not have the right to statement, written or verbal, of reasons or cause for release and none shall be given.


9.6.4    An employee who is released during the probationary period does not have the right to appeal or grieve the termination, the effective date, or the reason for the action.