Section: 4-Staff

Policy No: 6

Approved: 7/1/09



6.1 Dixie State College is committed to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. The success of these efforts will benefit students, employees and the College as an educational and service institution.

6.2 The College seeks to provide equal opportunity and the principle of nondiscrimination in all employment related practices and decisions including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, terminations, supervision, training, promotion, and all other practices and decisions affecting college employment status, rights and privileges.

6.3 College executive, administrative, academic, and supervisory personnel exercising management responsibilities are required to take appropriate action to assure that all employment related practices and decisions are made without discrimination, harassment, or prejudicial treatment because of race / ethnicity, color, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, pregnancy, disability, or protected veteran status, or otherwise as provided by law.

6.4 Dixie State College recognizes the importance of including protected classes in all categories of the work force and in its educational programs.

6.5 Affirmative action and nondiscrimination under federal contract, as outlined in Federal Executive Order No. 11246, require the elimination of all prohibited discriminatory conditions.

6.5.1 This institution will monitor gender and ethnic balance in its departments and make a concerted effort to correct any imbalances.

6.5.2 Where affirmative action is required, the College will make additional effort to recruit and employ qualified members of groups which are under represented.

6.5.3 Affirmative action does not require that the College eliminate or dilute standards or criteria which are necessary for successful job performance. The Executive Order does, however, allow for preference of minorities and women if they are in the top group of qualified candidates, and if the position is in an area that is found under- represented in the candidate's class.

6.5.4 Affirmative Action requires that any standards or criteria which have had the effect of excluding any individual with regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or otherwise as provided by law, be eliminated, unless it can be demonstrated that they are conditions necessary for successful job performance.

6.6 The College's approved Affirmative Action Plan, as amended and modified yearly, shall be made available to all College personnel. All members of the college community are expected to support the Affirmative Action Plan and to further its objectives in ways consistent with College Policies and Procedures.

6.7 Overall responsibility for Equal Employment Opportunity and the Affirmative Action Program rests with the President.

6.8 Specific responsibility for implementation and monitoring of the Equal Employment Opportunity and the Affirmative Action Program rests with the Director of Human Resources.

6.8.1 The College has established appropriate grievance procedures to investigate and settle complaints by employees claiming they have been subjected to discriminatory treatment in violation of College policy. In addition, it is a violation of College policy for any College employee to retaliate in any manner against an employee because of the filing of a discrimination complaint or because of supporting or assisting in the filing or investigation of such a complaint.