Section: 4-Staff

Policy No: 5

Approved: 3/21/96

Policy: HIRING


5.1 Recruitment

5.1.1 Dixie State College is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and it will be the equal opportunity employment policy of the college to make all recruitment, hiring, and placement decisions as well as all other employment decisions, on the basis of the qualifications of the individuals considered for the position to be filled, without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, veteran, or disabled status and/or in compliance with federal or state regulations.

5.1.2 No salaried position may be announced until the College Council has approved the departmental request and funds are available. In some instances, budgetary considerations may result in the deletion of a position.

5.1.3 After the approval of College Council, a position announcement will be written and distributed by the Office of Human Resources in an effort to recruit eligible applicants.

5.1.4 Whenever reemployment for a position or a new position is approved, a notice of the position opening will be posted for all employees so that any who are qualified and desire to do so may apply for the position. All positions will be advertised internally and externally simultaneously for a minimum period of ten (10) working days. Exceptions to external and/or internal advertising and opening of a position are at the discretion of the President. Reassignment by the President may be made in lieu of opening a position (see Job classification Policy 4-4.3).

5.1.5 For off-campus advertising, a requisition for advertising costs must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

5.2 Screening and Interviewing

5.2.1 After the position closes, a selection committee comprised of both male and female members, shall screen all applications, choose the qualified applicants for interview, and submit those applications to the department supervisor or department chair.

5.2.2 The appropriate Vice President, Dean, or Department Head, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, will determine the composition of the selection committee. Selection committees must be comprised of at least 3 members. The committee chairperson shall be chosen by the Department Head or the President.

5.2.3 Prior to screening and interviewing, the selection committee will be given instructions by the Department of Human Resources relative to rules and regulations on interviewing and hiring according to Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity guidelines.

5.2.4 The final candidates will be invited to interview and, for exempt positions, a $25 per diem for two days and motel reservation for one night will be provided for candidates, traveling more than 100 miles.

5.2.5 On occasion, a telephone interview may be deemed appropriate.

5.3 Selection for Hire

5.3.1 After interviewing is completed, references of all applicants to be considered, should be carefully checked before the final applicant is recommended for hire.

5.3.2 In the case of exempt positions, after references are checked and the final candidates approved, names of candidates will be forwarded to the President for selection.

5.3.3 The selected candidate will be offered the position by the Department Head or the Office of Human Resources. Upon acceptance, letters will be sent to all applicants not selected.

5.3.4 New personnel are required to report to the Office of Human Resources prior to, or on, their first day of work to complete appropriate payroll forms and other paperwork.

5.4 Exceptions to this policy may be made upon the approval of the President.