Section: 4-Staff

Policy No: 4

Approved: 6/5/98



4.1 Job Classification Determination Process

4.1.1 Job Descriptions will be developed by position supervisors, in consultation with the position holders and the Human Resource Office, using the HR-H1 Job Description form. Degrees for each of the College Job Factors, plus essential duties and skills, must be determined. The Job Factors are Education, Experience/Knowledge, Initiative, Supervision Exercised, Financial Responsibility, Contacts, Working Conditions, and Physical Effort. (See The Dixie State College Hiring Manual.) New job descriptions must be approved by the appropriate vice president and the President. All existing positions reopened for hiring must have their job descriptions reconsidered for continued need and appropriateness by the appropriate vice president and the President.

4.1.2 Evaluation of job descriptions for grading and salary range determination will be conducted by the Human Resource Office. Grades will be recommended to the President for approval. Employee Action forms (HR2) must be completed to put classification changes into effect. Salaries will be determined according to grade and experience points.

4.2 Reclassification

4.2.1 Rewriting of a job description by the position's supervisor Re-evaluation of the job description should take place when an existing position comes open for rehire. If a supervisor wishes to change the grade of a position by rewriting the job description, it must be done with vice presidential support and approval of the President by February 15, in order for any changes to be implemented through the annual budget process. Approved changes will go into effect the following July 1.

4.2.2 An Employee appealing his/her job classification must first complete a Classification Appeal form (HR3), obtained from the Human Resources Office. Employee initiated appeals will only be considered between January 15 and February 15, so that changes can be implemented in conjunction with the annual budget process. The appeal must be signed by the employee and his/her supervisor. It is not necessary for the supervisor to agree with the appeal for it to go forward. The appeal is first reviewed by the Staff Salary/Appeals Committee. The Committee makes a recommendation to the President for final approval. The appeal's recommended changes, if approved, will go into effect the following July 1, the beginning of the next budget year. Salary adjustments will be made accordingly.

4.3 Administrative Reassignment

4.3.1 Administrative reassignment may be made by the President, and recommended by the Executive Council, for reasons including, but not limited to: Reorganization deemed necessary to improve institutional effectiveness. Significant personality conflicts. An opportunity to evaluate an employee in a different location. Other critical needs.

4.3.2 Recommendations may be made by the Supervisor, or higher levels of administration, but must be recommended by the Executive Council to the President for final approval.

4.3.3 Except in critical circumstances, an employee who is reassigned will be notified by the Human Resource Office, or his/her supervisor, at least ten working days prior to beginning of the new assignment.

4.3.4 An employee may be reassigned to a position of higher, the same, or a lower grade. If the new position is a higher grade, the adjusted salary will become effective the first day of the new assignment. If the new position is at the same grade, the salary will remain the same. If the new position is at a lower grade, the employee's current salary will remain the same until years of experience and/or the salary schedule reflect a higher salary value. Accumulated sick leave, and vacation leave will be carried over by the employee and any adjustments due to the new position take effect on the date of reassignment.

4.3.5 A temporary reassignment to a higher grade will not exceed one year. At the end of the temporary reassignment the position will be opened and advertised internally or externally. Temporary reassignment will be accompanied by the appropriate temporary salary adjustment, if the reassignment is for longer than 90 days, and is approved by the President. An Employee Action form (HR2) must be completed by the first day the assignment begins. If the temporarily reassigned person is not hired for the position, he/she will be returned to his/her previous position at the appropriate grade and salary level for that position or may again be reassigned.