Section: 3-Faculty
Policy No: 46
Approved: 05/02/03



46.1 Purpose

Program eliminations impacts students in profound ways, requiring that they change their plans, remain enrolled for a period longer than anticipated, or leave the College altogether. In recognition of these profound effects, the College shall adhere to high standards of ethics and integrity whenever it eliminates programs. The College shall ensure that students are informed, that negative impacts are minimized, and that appropriate adjustments are offered to affected students (reference Policy 3.5, Faculty Tenure).

46.2 Definitions

46.2.1 "Academic Program": For the purposes of this policy, an academic program is a set of courses having a coherent curricular design and leading to a degree or contributing in a substantial way to a degree. Thus, academic programs are either degree programs (forming the basis for a certificate, associate, or baccalaureate degree) or non-degree programs (contributing to degree programs, but not constituting degrees themselves). Single courses may be eliminated through the curriculum change process (Policy 3.41 Curriculum Creation, Approval, Change and Review).

46.3 Procedures

46.3.1 The President of the College with the approval of the institutional Board of Trustees is authorized to eliminate academic programs or occupied academic positions consistent with the institutionís strategic plan and/or financial exigency. The President, or the Presidentís designee, shall conduct procedures for an in-depth review to inform and guide decisions on these matters, ensuring that affected students are treated ethically.

46.3.2 Before degree programs are eliminated, the College shall ensure that the following conditions are met: All recruitment and new enrollment for the program will cease upon approval of the Board of Trustees. The programís elimination is adequately described in College publications and communications to the public. The College has a viable plan to provide all students currently enrolled in the program all appropriate courses and services that they need to complete the programís requirements. No student currently enrolled in the program is required to pay tuition or fees in excess of the amount that would have been charged had the program continued.

46.3.3 Before non-degree programs are eliminated, the College shall ensure that the following conditions are met: If the program constitutes the only way to fulfill a curriculum requirement, either the curriculum requirements will be appropriately adjusted, or other courses offerings will be provided to allow students to complete their requirements in a timely manner.

46.3.4 Student responsibilities: Under this policy, students bear certain responsibilities to communicate and coordinate with the College and its administrators. Upon learning of a proposed program elimination, impacted students should immediately communicate their needs and concerns to the dean who oversees the program to facilitate the Collegeís planning. Also, when the College presents a plan to provide appropriate courses, students must take those courses when they are offered.