Section: 3-Faculty

Policy No: 44

Approved: 09/27/02



44.1 Travel/study is defined as educational tours or trips that are conducted by individual faculty members or academic programs or units.

44.2 Faculty and staff, functioning as individuals, are free to conduct educational group travel that is independent of the College, so long as doing so does not conflict with assigned duties at the college; however, in doing so, they should not associate the travel activity with the College in any way. If Dixie State College’s name and/or resources are associated in any way with the promotion or implementation of educational group travel, then the travel/study activity is an official activity of the institution and will abide by the following regulations:

44.2.1 All student participants will enroll in either a credit-bearing course, such as a "2990 Seminar," or a non-credit course. In the case of credit-bearing travel/study, the course will meet the same academic standards, award similar credit, and be subject to the same institutional control as other courses and programs offered by the College (see policy 3-42, Curricular Integrity of Special Learning Activities). Consistent with policy 3-42, academic credit will not be awarded for travel alone; instead, students will be required to complete an academic project.

44.2.2 As an official College activity, the travel/study’s liability will be covered under the College’s Risk Management insurance.

44.2.3 The travel/study will not unduly take students and/or faculty away from regularly scheduled course activities. Travel/study will be scheduled in such a way that it does not require that students and/or faculty leave their regularly scheduled courses for more than two days.

44.2.4 The costs of operating travel/study will come from course fees charged to participants. If for any reason the actual costs of the travel/study exceed the revenue generated through these fees, the operating budgets of the faculty’s academic program or the sponsoring administrative unit will cover the shortfall.

44.3 Before advertising or promoting the travel/study, the sponsoring faculty, program, or unit must receive the academic dean’s approval. In seeking approval, the faculty or academic program will demonstrate the following to the dean:

44.3.1 That all participants will be enrolled in either a credit or not-credit course.

44.3.2 That credit is not awarded for travel alone.

44.3.3 That the travel/study does not unduly take students or faculty away from other regularly scheduled coursework or duties.

44.3.4 That there is sufficient revenue, either from student fees or from the operating budgets of the sponsoring academic program or unit.