Section: 3-Faculty

Policy No: 38

Approved: 01/20/98
Revised: 04/30/12



  1. Policy

    1. Emeritus status is an honor, distinction, and recognition for faculty retirees who have contributed significantly to the mission of the College in the areas of teaching, service, and/or scholarship, research, and creative accomplishments.

    2. Emeritus status is reserved for faculty retirees who have held full-time faculty status for at least 15 years at Dixie State College prior to final retirement.

    3. Emeritus status is conferred with the rank the faculty member held at the time of retirement (e.g. Associate Professor Emeritus, Professor Emeritus).

  2. Procedure

    1. A retiring faculty member's department chair, associate dean, or dean may nominate the retiree for emeritus status. The nomination letter should include a summary of the retiring faculty member's service to and accomplishments at the College. The nomination letter shall be sent to the chair of the relevant division or school Retention, Promotion, and Tenure Committee.

    2. After verifying with the Office of Human Resources that the retiring faculty member is eligible for emeritus status and at least 120 days prior to the candidate's retirement date, the committee chair shall ask for ratification of the emeritus status from all division or school faculty eligible to vote on matters of rank and tenure.

    3. Within five days after the ratification, the committee chair will forward the results of the ratification to the appropriate dean. The dean shall consider the recommendation and write a letter with his or her own recommendation for action to the Vice President of Academic Services.

    4. The Vice President of Academic services shall recommend to the President the conferral or denial of emeritus status.

    5. The President of the College shall present recommendations to the Board of Trustees granting emeritus status.

    6. The Board of Trustees will confirm or deny the President's recommendation, and the President shall advise the candidate, the Vice-President of Academic Services, and the dean / associate dean in writing of that decision.

  3. Rights and Privileges

    1. In addition to the rights and privileges received by all College retirees, faculty emeriti are:

      1. Included in the College catalog

      2. Eligible for non-voting membership in Faculty Senate.

      3. Invited to participate in academic processions, including commencement and or convocation exercises.