Section: 3-Faculty

Policy No: 18

Approved: 10/27/95
Revised: 06/17/99
Revised: 03/17/06



18.1 Faculty salary determination will be based on national survey data. Data will be indexed by rank and discipline for each faculty member.

18.2 The survey data used will be determined by the faculty senate, vice president academics, and executive director human resources. The survey data will be a compilation of national survey data for like institutions.

18.3 The Base Salary for a newly hired faculty will be determined on discipline and incoming rank. The base salary will be competitive in the market.

18.4 The faculty salaries for continuing faculty members will be determined each year as the base from the current year (C) plus one of the following: a minimum salary increase; a rank advancement increase; or an equity increase.

18.5 The allocation of funds available for continuing faculty salary increases will be 2/3 of the funds for rank advancement increases or equity increases and 1/3 of the funds for minimum salary increases.

18.5.1 If the rank advancement increase or the equity increase for a faculty member is less than the minimum salary increase, then the minimum salary increase will be awarded.

18.6 If funds remain after applying the rank advancement increase and equity increase, the remaining funds will be added to the fund for the minimum salary increase.

18.7 Minimum Salary Increase

18.7.1 The minimum salary increase is calculated using he following formula: Next Year's Salary = C + (n% x C) + (T/F).

18.7.2 The C in the formula refers to the Current Salary.

18.7.3 The n% in the formula refers to the percent increase that is going to be given to all full-time faculty. This will be approximately one-third of the total percent that is given to the faculty salary pool. (For example, if the legislative amount allotted for salaries plus all reallocation dollars combined to yield a total of 6%, each faculty member would get one-third of that percentage across the board, or, in this example, 2%.)

18.7.4 The T in the formula refers to the total dollars remaining in the salary new-dollars-pool, after one-third of the pool has been given as a standard percentage increase. These dollars are to be given in an equal dollar amount to each of the full-time faculty members.

18.7.5 The F in the formula refers to the number of full-time faculty.

18.8 Rank Advancement Increase

18.8.1 Merit pay will be determined by rank advancement. Faculty ranks and the rank advancement process are outlined in the Rank and Tenure Policy 3-7.

18.8.2 If funds are available, a faculty member will receive in the year that a rank advancement is approved a salary increase of 10% of the current salary.

18.8.3 If the total amount of funds available for rank advancement is less than the total amount required for faculty rank increases, the increases will be applied so that all faculty are awarded the same percentage of their increase. The unawarded amount will be awarded in the next year's rank advancement increases.

18.9 Equity Increase

18.9.1 If funds are remaining after rank advancement increases, these funds will be used for equity increases.

18.9.2 Faculty members are eligible for equity increases if the average salary for the member's discipline and rank as determined by the survey data is greater than the current salary. The equity adjustment is the difference. Faculty members that receive a rank advancement increase are not eligible to receive an equity increase.

18.9.3 If the total amount of funds available for equity increases is less than the total amount of new funds required, the equity increases will be applied so that all faculty are awarded the same percentage of their increase.

18.10 The College President has the ultimate authority in salary determination.

18.11 Professional Development funds are available to help pay expenses for upgrading/training -- based upon request and availability of funds.

18.12 The percent increase that will be applied to faculty salaries will be enhanced as much as possible by other funds and re-allocations. The Faculty Salary Committee will work with the administration to ensure that a maximum effort has been made to accomplish this objective.

18.13 The faculty salary committee will review annually the available survey data, the equity status of the faculty, and the minimum salary increase formula to ensure that the goal of attracting and retaining quality faculty is being properly served.