Section: 3-Faculty

Policy No: 9
Approved: 10/27/95
Revised: 09/21/01
Revised: 04/21/05



9.1 Purpose of professisonal development: Dixie State College strives to help students define, shape, and achieve educational and life goals. Recognizing the centrality of teaching excellence to the academic mission of Dixie State College, one of the primary goals of the College is to encourage and support professional development endeavors for faculty that promote excellence in programs and individual teaching performance.

9.2 Funding for professional development activities: Professional development funds are available to help full-time faculty members maintain and improve academic rigor and excellence within the college community in fulfillment of the academic mission of Dixie State College. Funds are available to all full-time faculty, not allotted to departments or divisions.

9.3 Application process: The procedure for applying for professional development funds is found on the campus website's professional development area. The Faculty Excellence Committee will review and prioritize applications, then recommend to the Academic Vice President which applications to fund.

9.4 Priorities for funding: A variety of activities may fulfill the purposes of professional development. The committee will prioritize applications within two levels.

9.4.1 Level I activities include but are not limited to the following:

9.4.2 Level II activities include but are not limited to the following:

9.4.3 If applications exceed available funds, priority will be given to Level I applications. If two applications of similar level compete for limited funds, priority will be given to the applicant who has received the least amount of professional development funds in the previous three years.

9.4.4 A faculty member may apply for professional development funds for the purpose of hiring an adjunct to fulfill part of the faculty member's workload responsibilities in order to allow time to advance Level I activities.

9.5 Application deadlines: Applications will be accepted throughout the year, with application deadlines on September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st . Applications received after these deadlines will not be reviewed until the next deadline unless time constraints require more immediate action. The committee may deny or postpone applications in the earlier review periods if necessary to reserve some funds for the later ones.

9.6 Individual funding limits: Professional development funds are generally limited to $2,000 per person each year. However, applications up to $6,000 may be recommended under special circumstances. Recommendations for an individual faculty member will not exceed $6,000 in a three year period. Funding for professional development activities that require more than this limit must be obtained from another source.

9.7 Reporting of outcomes: Recipients of professional development funds shall submit a brief report outlining the results of the activity to the Academic Vice President. The report should be submitted within two weeks following completion of the activity. The application and report of the activity will become part of the faculty member's professional development file. Faculty members are also encouraged to share information and insights gained through professional development activities with other faculty members in formal or informal settings.