Section: 3-Faculty

Policy No: 2

Approved: 6/2/95
Revised: 1/22/10



I.           Definitions

   A.    Employee - Individuals employed by the institution. This includes faculty, Executive [administrative] staff, and other staff members.

   B.    Full-Time Employee - Those individuals whose employment status is expected to last nine consecutive months or longer and who work 75 percent or more of the established academic year workload or annual working hours (2,080 hours) for that position.

   C.    Benefit Eligible - Full-time employee as defined above.

   D.    Part-Time Regular Faculty - Those individuals working between 50 and 74 percent of the established academic year workload, and whose employment is expected to last more than nine months and to be ongoing. Part-time faculty are classified as "at-will" employees.

   E.    Part-Time Employee - Those individuals working 74 percent or less of the established academic year workload or annual working hours (2,080 hours), or whose employment is expected to be of a short duration (less than nine months), or whose employment is of an intermittent nature. Part-time employees are classified as "at-will" employees.

   F.    "At-Will" Employee - At-will positions are those where employment and compensation can be terminated with or without cause and with or without notice. Employees in these positions are generally hired to work at the pleasure of the president and include (but are not limited to) vice presidents, deans, athletic administrators, coaches, and part-time employees.

i.    Within the probationary period of employment, faculty and staff are considered at-will. At-will employees are not eligible to participate in the employee grievance process regarding termination.

ii.    Faculty members with tenure who serve in an administrative capacity (deans, etc.) are "at-will" employees only in regard to the administrative assignment.

II.           Categories - Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty

   A.    Regular Faculty

   B.    Library Faculty

   C.    Auxiliary Faculty

III.           Categories - Executive Staff

   A.    President of Institution

   B.    Vice Presidents

   C.    Associate Vice Presidents

   D.    Deans

IV.           Categories - Other Staff

   A.    Exempt Staff

   B.    Non-Exempt Staff

   C.    Hourly - Non-Student, Student, Work Study Student

   D.    Contracted Services