Section: 2-Organization

Policy No: 2
Approved: 4/16/95



2.1 The President of Dixie State College sets the ethical tone of the institution through his/her personal conduct and institutional leadership.

2.1.1 The President shall adhere to the highest ethical standards and promote the moral development of the college community and shall support active moral reflection, dialogue, and principled conduct.

2.2 Ethical Responsibilities of the President

2.2.1 Recognize that his/her primary duty is to serve and represent the entire College.

2.2.2 Trust and respect for all persons within and without the college.

2.2.3 Be honest in actions and utterances.

2.2.4 Be fair in the treatment of all.

2.2.5 Display a sense of integrity and promise keeping.

2.2.6 Commit: To intellectual and moral development To quality education for all students To individual empowerment To the community college philosophy To college above self To maintaining confidentiality of privilege information

2.2.7 Support openness in communication.

2.2.8 Believe in diversity within an environment of collegiality and professionalism.

2.2.9 Respect the Office of President and in no way misuse its inherent power.

2.3 The President affirms his/her responsibilities to Board Members.

2.3.1 Ensures that all board members have equal access to complete information in a timely manner.

2.3.2 Avoids not only conflict of interest, but also the appearance of it.

2.3.3 Represents accurately positions of the board in public statements.

2.3.4 Fosters teamwork and common purpose.

2.3.5 Carries out board policies in a conscientious and timely manner.

2.4 The President affirms his/her responsibility to Students.

2.4.1 Ensures that all students are treated with respect and promotes acceptance of diversity within the college community.

2.4.2 Provides quality education and equal access to educational opportunities for all.

2.4.3 Provides accurate and complete descriptions of available academic programs and provides sufficient resources to ensure viable programs.

2.4.4 Seeks and respects contributions of students to college decisions.

2.4.5 Ensures that there is no unlawful discrimination, harassment, or exploitation in any aspect of student life.

2.5 The President affirms his/her responsibility to Faculty, Administration and Staff.

2.5.1 Encourages the highest standards of excellence in teaching and in the advancement and application of knowledge.

2.5.2 Respects both the personal integrity and professionalism of faculty, staff, and administrators.

2.5.3 Promotes a college environment that fosters mutual support and open communication among all administrators, faculty, and staff.

2.5.4 Raises consciousness concerning ethical responsibilities and encourages acceptance of these responsibilities.

2.5.5 Seeks and respects the advice of administration, faculty, and staff in matters pertaining to college life and governance.

2.5.6 Treats all employees fairly and equitably, preserves confidentiality, provides a appropriate due process, and allows adequate time for corrective actions.

2.6 The President affirms his/her responsibility to other educational institutions.

2.6.1 Keeps informed about developments at all levels of education, particularly with respect to Utah State Higher Education System.

2.6.2 Maintains honesty in reporting college operations and needs.

2.6.3 Honors agreements and maintains confidential information.

2.6.4 Respects the integrity of programs offered by other institutions and promotes collaboration.

2.7 The President affirms his/her responsibility to business, civic groups, and the community at large.

2.7.1 Ensures that the college responsibly meets changing needs in its state and communities.

2.7.2 Promises only what is realistic and keeps promises that have been made.

2.7.3 Ensures that all interested parties have an opportunity to express their views regarding college policies.

2.7.4 Ensures equal opportunities for all groups to take part in college programs.

2.7.5 Avoids conflict of interest in contracts, services, and sharing of information.

2.7.6 Honors all laws pertaining to the college.

2.8 The President shall have the right:

2.8.1 To work in a professional and supportive environment.

2.8.2 To a clear, written statement of the philosophy and goals of the college; to participate fully in setting subsequent goals and policies; to a clear, written statement of conditions of employment, board procedures for professional review, and a job description outlining duties and responsibilities.

2.8.3 Within the scope of authority and policy, to exercise judgment and perform duties without disruption or harassment.

2.8.4 To freedom of conscience and the right to refuse to engage in actions which violate professional standards of ethical or legal conduct.