7.1 General Fund Raising Policy of the Office of Institutional Advancement

7.2 Initiation of Fund Raising Projects - Private Sector

7.3 Initiation of Fund Raising Projects - Public Sector

7.4 Institutional Advancement Council

7.5 Feasibility Studies

7.6 Institutional Advancement Research

7.7 Fund Raising Budgets

7.8 Written Fund Raising Proposals

7.9 Fund Raising Printed Materials and Mailings

7.10 Fund Raising Volunteer and Student Work Study Involvement

7.11 Volunteer Support Groups and Advisory Committees

7.12 National Advisory Council

7.13 Annual Giving

7.14 Planned Giving

7.15 Acceptance of Gift

7.16 Gift Limitations

7.17 Gift Appraisals

7.18 Gift Recording and Acknowledgment

7.19 Donation Accounts

7.20 Donor Reports

7.21 Confidentiality of Donor Records

7.22 Pledge Forms and Pledge Time Periods

7.23 Matching Gifts

7.24 Payroll Deductions

7.25 Standards and Procedures for Non Endowed Fellowships, Scholarships, Memorial, and Loan Funds

7.26 Standards and Procedures for Named Buildings and Other Physical Facilities

7.27 Ground Breaking and Dedication Ceremonies

7.28 Giving Clubs