Instructor and Student Incomplete Contract

Instructions:  For each "I" grade given, a completed copy of this form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office with the final grade report and the instructor or department must keep a copy on file.  Although the "I" grade is not initially computed as an "F" grade in the student's GPA, it will be changed to an "F" grade by the Registrars Office after one year if the grade is not previously changed by the instructor.    When the required work has been completed, an Authorization Grade Change form must be submitted to the Registrar and the change duly noted on instructor/department records.  Click here to see the POLICY 5-14 on incomplete grades.

1.  Student's name and ID:  Last Name     First Name   Student ID

2.  Instructor's Name:  First Name    Last Name

3.  Term and Year  Course Abbreviation:    Section #: 

Course Title: 

4.  List the assignments, tasks, work required for the student to complete the course:

5.  Due date for completing the work (one year maximum):  -- mm/dd/yy

If a Change-of-Grade form is not submitted to the Records Office by the date in #5 above, the grade will become a permanent F.

Student's Signature: ____________________________________

Instructor's Signature ___________________________________

Date:  -- mm/dd/yy

To the Instructor:   If you have not finished grades by the grade deadline, do not submit Incomplete grades for all students in the section:  On the students' transcript, these Incomplete grades appear, and these grade make it seem that the student was negligent in your course. (For more details, see Student Records Policy, 5.14, section 6.)