A mini purchase order may be used for a one time purchase of goods or services which do not exceed $300.00. A mini purchase order should not be used for the following:

Purchases requiring a check

Foreign purchases

Travel expenses

Blanket or open orders

Purchases from on-campus departments


This form should be completely filled out and the budget administrator should sign where the department signature is indicated.

Once this form is completed, the white copy (original) is given to the vendor, the yellow copy is immediately sent to the Purchasing Department, and the pink copy is for the budget department’s records.

Failure to follow the guidelines for the use of mini purchase orders will result in use restrictions or in personal responsibility for unauthorized purchases.


Purchasing Department:


Jackie Freeman, Director of Purchasing                                    Ext. 7612

Christie Nielson, Purchasing Specialist                                      Ext. 7613




Petty cash accounts have been authorized and established for some departments (contact the Controller to establish an account). If a petty cash has been established, reimbursements of purchase expenses under $75.00 may be entered on the petty cash form and submitted to the Cashier.


Business Services Department:

Christy Jensen, Cashier                                                      Ext. 7605

Carlene Holm, Director Revenue                                        Ext. 7603


All invoices should be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Department. These invoices include:

  • Invoices or packing slips that are enclosed in packages.

  • Invoices picked up at local vendors with a product. These should be signed and include a purchase order number.

Accounts Payable Department:

Melanie Simon, Accounts Payable Specialist                           Ext. 7606



Scheduling of most campus facilities is accomplished by contacting the Campus Scheduler and completing a Facility Scheduling Request form.

Facilities that are not available for non-campus scheduling are as follows:

Dixie Business Alliance Conference Room

Dixie Business Alliance Training Room

Burns Arena

Eccles Fine Arts Center

Fitness Center

Udvar-Hazy Open Computer Lab

Facilities scheduled through someone other than the Campus Scheduler are as follows:



Hurst Baseball Field

Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525

Old Gymnasium

Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525

Hansen Football Stadium

Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525

Softball Fields 1 & 2

Athletic Dept. - Ext. 7525

Burns Arena

Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525

Science Bldg. Labs

Science Dept. Secretary – Ext. 7760

Science Bldg. Conference Room

Science Dept. Secretary - Ext. 7760


Dir. Broadcast Stan Everett – Ext. 7635

Udvar-Hazy Conference Room

Dean Admin Asst - Ext.7652

Library Conference Room

Library Secretary – Ext.7710

So. Admin. Board Room

Assist. to President – Ext. 7502





Elderhostel Director

Tanner Amphitheater

Cult. Affairs Coord., Gail Bunker

Gardner Student Center

Info. Center – Ext.7676

Avenna Center, Cox Auditorium

Cultural Affairs Office


Campus Scheduler:


Shelia Bastain                                                 Ext. 7506




The Gardner Center Conference Rooms and Ballroom rate scheduled is Dixie State College homepage or by contacting the Director of Food Services.

Gardner Center Information:

Martin Peterson, Director of Food Services               Ext. 7676

Information Desk                                                             Ext. 7685


Community Education: A collaborative learning environment created through the combined entities of Dixie State College, Washington County School District, and the City of St. George offering community members, adult and youth, non-credit fun education activities and classes.

Steve Bringhurst, Dean

Ext. 7901

Janet O'Riley, Director

Ext. 7671

Jeannie Reeves, Secretary

Ext. 7673

Elderhostel: Offers a variety of stimulating, life enriching, short-term learning experiences for primarily retirement age adults.

Don Steck, Director


Elaine Esplin, Coordinator


Patty Robertson, Specialist


Cooperative Education:An educational concept that relates the classroom to the employment community.

Karl Hutchings, Director

Ext. 7668

Cultural Activities: Celebrity Concert Series - A community-college collaboration with the mission to present a quality multi-discipline performing art series of twelve to seventeen concerts each season. Southwest Symphony and Chorale - Comprised of musicians from the community and college in a series of concerts and outreach services - some concerts feature professional guest soloists. O.C. Tanner Amphitheater Summer Series - Located in Springdale, Utah presents the Grand Circle: A National Park Odyssey every night through the summer months and a live concert every weekend. Special Artist Series - A recital division of Celebrity Concert Series offering five outstanding artist recitals per season in the Browning Building, Dunford Auditorium.

Gail Bunker, Coordinator

Ext. 7994

Dixie Business Alliance: Benefits economic growth in Washington County and Kane County by providing one on one business counseling, demographics information, and custom fit training.

Len Erickson, Director

Ext. 7752

Kelle Stephens, Custom Fit

Ext. 7735

ETS (Educational Talent Search): Provides academic, career, and financial counseling to assist people from disadvantaged backgrounds in completion of high school and enrolling in a postsecondary program.

Kitty Hughes, Director

Ext. 7657

ICL (Institute for Continued Learning): A chartered club on the Dixie State College campus for learners in retirement.

Steve Bringhurst, Dean

Ext. 7901

Student Placement: Designed to help students find part time and full time employment with the College or community.

Employment Coordinator

Ext. 7669

STIT (Short Term Intensive Training): Computer classes taught by expert instructors that are intended to upgrade or provide the skills necessary using the latest networking, technology, and software.

Len Erickson, Director

Ext. 7752

SSS (Student Support Services): A federally funded program that provides ongoing support throughout a student's college career. Students must qualify by being first generation college, low income, and/or disabled.

Jonathan Morrell, Director

Ext. 7656

Upward Bound: An academic support program, funded by the U. S. Department of Education's Student Services Division, that provide the necessary support for economically disadvantaged and/or first generation high school students to complete high school, enroll in college, and successfully obtain a 4 year college degree.

Craig Harter, Director

Ext. 7659

Washington County Economic Development: The Economic Development Council promotes industrial development of the county. They act as ombudsman for expanding and relocating companies to help them find suitable facilities, workforce, secure permits, etc.

Scott Hirschi, Exec. Director




College surplus property is handled in accordance with Policy and Procedure 6-10. A surplus sale is held annually. Contact the Purchasing Department with any equipment that should be designated as surplus. Surplus equipment is stored by the individual departments until the date of the surplus sale.


Purchasing Department:

Jackie Freeman, Director of Purchasing                                 Ext. 7612

Christie Nielson, Purchasing Specialist                                   Ext. 7613


Contact the Communications Coordinator with any questions or problems regarding the telephone.

Communications Coordinator:

Ken Richmond                                         Ext. 7636



To travel on College business, a Request for Travel Authorization must be completed and the approval signatures obtained. The completed form should be sent to the Purchasing Department and the ‘Gold’ copy retained for the department record.

Prepayment expenses should also be listed on the request form where indicated. To reserve a college vehicle for travel purposes, a photocopy of the Request for Travel Authorization must be sent to the vehicle fleet secretary. Before a college vehicle may be used, the employee must complete the driver’s training video course. This training video is available in the Library. The completed course test is submitted to the vehicle fleet Secretary.

If a travel agency is used and expenses are being invoiced, the travel authorization number (found at the top of the Request for Travel Authorization form) must be indicated on the invoice statement.

Contact the Purchasing Department for vehicle mileage expense and meal allowance.

Once the trip is completed, a Travel Claim form must be submitted to the Purchasing Department. All receipts for expenses must be attached to this form. If the travel expenses exceed the estimated travel costs submitted on the Request for Travel Authorization form by 10% or more, the budget administrator must sign the Travel Claim form.

If a refund is due to the traveler, a check will be available at the Cashier Office within a week. If a reimbursement is owed to the College, a Travel Cash Receipt will be issued to the traveler and repayment may be made at the Cashier Office within five working days.

Purchasing Department:

Jackie Freeman, Director of Purchasing                                   Ext. 7612

Christie Neilson, Purchasing Specialist                                      Ext. 7613

Vehicle Fleet Department:

Felica Griswold, Secretary                                                          Ext. 7566

Cashier Office:

Christy Jensen                                                                               Ext. 7605


All Dixie State College employees are covered under Worker's Compensation Fund of Utah from an injury sustained while on the job. Accidents resulting in personal injury are to be reported immediately to the employee's immediate supervisor, and within twenty-four hours, to the Human Resources Office.

For medical treatment, the employee must go the IHC Workmed, 385 N 3050 E. A worker's compensation form must be completed by the employee and supervisor within two working days of the injury and submitted to the Human Resources Office.


All employees are covered by State Industrial Insurance. This provides for hospital cost, physician's fees and weekly benefit payments while absent from work due to injury incurred while at work. The entire cost is borne by Dixie State College.


Human Resources Office:

Pamela Montrallo, Executive Director                                          Ext. 7522

Rae Matalolo, Coordinator                                                             Ext. 7594