Our Mission Statement

The Gardner Center promotes a strong sense of community for Dixie State College of Utah through services, facilities, and programs.

The Gardner Center Values:

  • quality services for the personal convenience of our campus community
  • the educational process and our special role in the development of people
  • a clean comfortable environment where everyone is welcome

The Gardner Center embraces the use of technology for their contributions to the community and the opportunities they bring for personal development.

General Statement

The Kenneth N. Gardner Student Center is the community center for members of the Dixie State College of Utah Campus. The Gardner Center is here for use by students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Gardner Center also helps provide opportunities for participation in educational, cultural, and recreational activities and provides services for the convenience of the campus community. The Gardner Center also provides a place for students to spend time learning as well as socializing and relaxing.

The Gardner Center is charged with providing a safe and secure place in which a wide array of programs and services maybe offered equitable to the campus community. The Gardner Center is a non-profit organization supported mainly by student fees. Therefore, it is essential that all programs and services be offered in a fiscally-responsible manner. The following policy and procedures guide the management of the Gardner Center and are designed to help members of the community understand the Gardner Centers operations and to assist them in making full use of its services, facilities, and programs. All polices are developed by Gardner Center staff. Exceptions to the polices and procedures in this manual may be made by the Guest Services Supervisor and the Executive Director of Auxiliaries and his/her designee as needed.

In addition to the guidelines in this document, the Gardner Center is managed in accordance with the Dixie State College of Utah policy manual.