User Agreement

General Policies

In the interest of safety, all persons will evacuate the building calmly and immediately in the event of a fire alarm.

Common space in the Gardner Center is meant to be enjoyed by all. Because of our commitment to make this space in the Gardner Center available to all members of the College population, activities which inhibit the use of the public at large are prohibited.

Unauthorized solicitation for commercial activity or donations is not allowed in common spaces of the Gardner Center. Violators will be asked to leave the building. Registered student organizations may distribute flyers in the building provided that this activity is College sponsored and creates no disruption of any kind including infringement upon the rights of others, or disturbing a free-flow of traffic.

Because of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act and to respect the wishes of the majority of the students to enjoy a public environment that is smoke-free, smoking in the Gardner Student Center is prohibited.

Animals (except guide dogs for persons who are physically challenged) are not permitted in the building.

Due to the close proximity of Dining Service, shoes and shirts must be worn in the Gardner Center.

In accordance with Dixie State College of Utah Policies and Procedures the use of roller skates/blades, skateboards, and bicycles are prohibited in the Gardner Center.

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the Gardner Center.

No candles or open flame will be allowed in the Gardner Center.

Any behavior exhibited in the Gardner Center that violates law will not be tolerated and may result in prosecution.

Gardner Student Center Room Policy

The Kenneth N. Gardner Center was built primarily to serve students, faculty, staff, alumni groups, and guests to the College. The Kenneth N. Gardner Center is expected to generate income through users of its facilities and services to cover its operational expenses. Rates assessed to various user groups are determined by operational and maintenance costs and have been approved by the Dixie State College Executive Council.

All Audio Visual equipment must be rented from the Gardner Center Audio Visual Department. We have many items for rent. Please check with our staff for a list of these items and prices. To ensure that we have the equipment needed, we ask that you request all Audio Visual equipment one week before your event.

All food in our meeting rooms must be provided by Dixie State College Dining Services.

Any group found not following these policies will forfeit their right to use the Gardner Center for one semester for on campus groups and six months for non-campus groups.

Space Guarantee

The Gardner Center reserves the right to move any group from a scheduled room if it is deemed necessary to accommodate other groups more efficiently or if it is determined necessary for cost considerations. The group involved in the move will be notified prior to the event, if possible, and appropriate signage will be provided.

Guidelines for Use of Reserved Facilities

The following guidelines provide information regarding the appropriate use of the Gardner Center facilities. Failure to comply with any Gardner Center or College policies including damage to Gardner Center property or conducting activities that infringe on the rights of others may result in cancellation of the event, loss of rental privileges, additional charges, and/or referral to other campus agencies for appropriate action. The Campus Police or Fire and Safety Officials, if they deem it appropriate, may also cancel or close an event.

The Gardner Center reserves the right to cancel any function before or during the activity, if the security and safety of the building and/or its occupants are threatened. For all events, the sponsoring groups will be held responsible for the conduct of the people attending the activity.

Any damage to the facility, audio visual equipment, or other property of the Gardner Center may result in additional charges. Gardner Center staff on duty will cooperate with the designated person on seeking responsible action, but retains the ultimate authority if the activities are not being controlled according to College standards and Gardner Center policies.

User Responsibility for Gardner Center Facilities

The individual who made the reservations should make contact with Gardner Center staff before the event begins and should monitor the event throughout.

To insure that an organization or individual is not unfairly held accountable for the condition of a reserved space, any irregularity found upon entering the room must be reported to the Gardner Center staff. The Gardner Center Staff or the Information Desk should be notified at the conclusion of the event.

Additional Services

Events in which organizations or individuals require special set-ups, equipment, or services beyond what is normally furnished will be assessed a charge based on the extra costs involved.

These costs will be determined at the time of the event scheduling and are set at a rate to cover direct costs.


Catering must be arranged through Dixie State College Campus Dining Services, (435) 652-7676 or through

It is suggested that arrangements be made at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled event.

No outside food will be permitted in the Gardner Student Center at any time. Due to our catering contract all food and beverage must be purchased through Dixie State College Dining Services. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Campus Dining Services Director. For detailed information, see the Campus Dining Services Policy. Any group who does not follow these guidelines may forfeit any additional room use in this facility for one calendar year and/or pay a fine.

All food in the Gardner Center must follow all health codes and Dining Service policies.

Dances/Special Events

Only ASDSC Student Executive Council may hold public dances in the Gardner Center.

All student clubs must have approval of the College Student Executive Council before they can schedule any type of public dance. Area High Schools may have prom dances with chaperones and proper security. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Auxiliaries Board and Director of Student Activities. If any exception is granted, the group would need to purchase a million dollar liability insurance policy and hire Campus Police for this event. The insurance policy should be received seven working days before the event.


Weddings and receptions are held in Gardner Center. All food for weddings must come from the College Dining Services department in accordance with Gardner Center Food policy. Wedding packages are available.

Damage or Excessive Clean-Up

Any costs incurred for excessive clean-up or damage beyond normal wear and tear will be billed to the group responsible. Any use of glitter or confetti will result in a $ 200 charge for clean-up. There is a charge if any plants are moved.


Furniture and other equipment in the reserved room may be moved, within reason, to suit the needs of the organization; however, at the end of the event, the room must be returned to its original condition. No paintings may be moved for any reason. Any group who moves a painting will be assessed a fine.

To ensure public safety and guard against property damage, entrances and exits must be kept free of obstacles and must remain unlocked. Whenever possible, only flame proof material should be used for decorations. The use of rubber cement, cellophane tape, nails, paint, duct tape, or other material that might damage building surfaces is prohibited.

Any questions regarding decorations should be referred to the Gardner Center Information or contact the Guest Services Supervisor at the time the reservation is made. All display materials and equipment must be removed immediately following the event. The Gardner Center cannot accept responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items. Groups may be billed for damages or for excessive cleaning charges in the rooms.

Off-Campus Renters

By virtue of regulation of the exercise of free speech on the campus, the College, unless stated otherwise, does not endorse, sponsor or sanction the message being stated or the methods of speech being used. Based on the preceding, any off-campus facility renter who wishes to advertise a program must include the following disclaimer in all media advertisements including television, radio, newspaper, posters, flyers, and word of mouth: A The event (including the program content) is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or presented by Dixie State College.

Overnight Storage of Materials and Equipment

The Gardner Center will not be responsible for the overnight storage of display materials and equipment in the facility.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment is available and should be requested at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled event through the Gardner Center Information Office. Student organization’s requests for audio-visual equipment made less than two days in advance may result in a rental charge. All other groups will be charged using the audio-visual rental rates.

No audio-visual equipment may be taken from the building or out of the assigned room or area at any time. Special arrangements can be made for areas directly outside of the Gardner Center.

No outside audio-visual will be allowed in the Gardner Center.