Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

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Can I see my student's grades?
You can see your student's grades if they give you permission or they are still your dependent. This is obtained by having them fill out this form.
What medical care is available to my student?
Although the university does not endorse any particular insurance provider, this website may be helpful. Also, there is a great selection of healthcare providers in St. George.
Does my student have to live on campus their first year?
No, although there are definite advantages, including easy access to campus and food services. Check out the housing website for additional reasons and more information.
Where should my student live?
If on campus housing is not possible, there are off-campus housing opportunities to fit a wide variety of budgets.
When is the deadline to apply for on-campus housing?
There is no deadline. The housing office accepts applications until they are full. Click here to apply for housing.
How much is the housing deposit?
The deposit is $75.00 plus a $25.00 non refundable application fee.
When can my student move in?
Check-in is usually the Friday and Saturday before the first day of classes. Click here to see the academic calendar.
How long is the housing contract?
The contract is a fall/spring contract.
Does my student have to purchase a meal card?
Yes, because we do not have kitchens, we need to contract with the Dining Services so that they will be open and available to our residents.
What if my student does not get along with his/her roommates?
Depending on availability, the housing office can relocate your student. The housing office would need to meet with your student to determine if this is the best course of action.
What is the policy on attendance?
Although there is not a campus-wide attendance policy, students who fail to show upon the first day of class may be dropped from the class at the instructor's prerogative in order to make room for other students who are trying to add the class.
How did you determine the academic scholarship award?
The academic scholarships are currently based upon a score derived from the ACT (or other placement score) and the student's GPA. Specifically, the GPA is multiplied by 100 and added to the composite ACT score. This score is then used to determine the academic scholarship award. You can use our online scholarship calculator to do the math for you.
How does my student qualify for in-state residency?
You can find the current residency policy and regulations by clicking here.
What resources are available to help my student pass his/her classes?
If your student is struggling in a class, the tutoring center is available. It is located on the 1st floor of the Browning Building. Also, depending on the class, the library may have additional resources to help in understanding the topic such as videos created by the textbook authors. It has also become more common for the textbooks to have a website with additional support and/or tutorials.
Where can I find your dates and deadlines?
The campus deadlines and other dates are available here.
Who should my student contact if he/she has a disability?
Students who need additional support due to a physical or mental impairment should contact the disability resource center. It is located next to the testing center. View the map.
If my student registers for classes and then does not attend, does he/she have to pay tuition & fees?
Often students do not realize that it is their responsibility to drop their classes. Depending on when they do so, there may or may not be a tuition refund. See the appropriate semester calendar for the last day to drop classes and still receive a refund.
Does my student need a personal computer?
Although the university does not require that your student bring a laptop to school, there is no question that it would be a useful tool in completing homework, especially as many housing facilities have wireless internet. Having said that, there are several computer labs on campus which are also available for students' use.
When will my student find out if they have received financial aid?
The time will vary depending on when they apply. Typically a student can find out if they will receive financial aid within two weeks of application. For additional information, please refer to the financial aid website.
Does my student need to buy their textbooks at the university bookstore?
Students are not required to purchase their textbooks from one particular source. The value of choosing the university bookstore is the personalized attention students receive in selecting the correct books, along with the immediacy of the purchase. Textbooks can also be purchased at several reputable online sources.
Can my student test out of classes?
The university does have a "test out" policy for students. With instructor approval, a student may test out of a class, stays registered in the class, and then will receive a final grade when the instructor grades his/her class.
My student has AP credits. How do they know what credit they received for them?
The approved advanced placement tests are found in the catalog, along with the college credit that the student will receive for taking the test(s). When the credit is posted to the Dixie transcript, only the test will appear along with score. The student is given appropriate credit for the test when they apply for graduation. Additional questions can be answered by the transfer credit evaluator 435–652–7705.
Why won't your computer let my student enroll in a course?
Many courses have restrictions in place to prevent a student from registering for a class for which they are not prepared. The most common reasons are listed here. If a student feels that they have met the course requirements, they should contact the registrars office 435–652–7708.
When does my student declare a major and meet with an advisor?
Students can indicate their preferred major when they apply for admission, and can also fill out a "change of information" card at any time to choose a different major. They should initially meet with a general advisor in the advisement center, who will forward them to the appropriate program or faculty advisor depending on where they are in completing the requisite coursework.
Who is my student's advisor?
Students can indicate their preferred major when they apply for admission, and can also fill out a "change of information" card at any time to choose a different major. They should initially meet with a general advisor in the advisement center, who will forward them to the appropriate program or faculty advisor depending on where they are in completing the requisite coursework.
How does my student know which classes to sign up for to complete his/her degree?
lthough we are working on completing an automated "degree audit system", your student should review the appropriate degree requirements If he/she is uncertain about their major, simply have them work on completing the general education requirements initially. Also note that the associate degree at Dixie will transfer to all of the other Utah schools and will waive their GE requirements. Do you have a regular bus system that can pick up my student from off campus?
The city of St George has a new bus system called "SunTran" and the bus stop is directly north of campus. Check out their website for specific routes and timetable.
Are you really a "party school?"
Despite the fact that our students can take advantage of many recreational opportunities in the area, we are not a "party school." Alcohol is not permitted or condoned on campus. Our security staff are among the best in the state and have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or "partying" on campus.
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