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General Information

Celebrity Concert Series Information:

Reserved Seats: The best seats are offered to subscribers first. Subscribers are given ample opportunity to secure a reserved seat membership before single-event tickets go on sale September 1. Subscribers to the series save up to 30% off the cost of individual events tickets. Deadline for same seat renewal is April 30.

Renewal Priority. If you subscribe this season, you'll be given the opportunity for same-seat renewal or seat upgrades for subsequent seasons. Your seating priority improves season after season as you continue to renew your subscription.

What to Wear. We want our audience members to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Nicer dress pants, dresses, etc., are appropriate and preferred.

Latecomers. Please plan to arrive early. Latecomers will not be admitted to the auditorium until there is a suitable break such as after the first work or first movement of a concerto or symphony has ended. Do not attempt to find your allocated seat while artists are performing. This is disruptive to audience and performers alike. Instead, please wait in the corridor. We cannot guarantee seat availability after 7:25 pm.

Electronic Devices. Please turn off hand phones, pagers, digital watch chimes and other noise makers or put them on silent mode before the concert begins. After the concert begins there should be no noise. Please do not unwrap candies or cough drops during a performance.

Applause. There are many occasions to applaud in a concert. When the orchestra's concertmaster enters, applaud gently. When the conductor and soloist enter, applaud more vigorously. It is considered inappropriate to applaud between movements of a symphony or concerto. Look at the printed program before the music begins to see how many movements are being presented - or watch for the conductor to turn around and bow. A concert pianist will lower his/her hands to indicate the end.

During a ballet performance, or an opera, applause is appropriate and appreciated after a particularly demanding solo or duet segment. At the end of the performance, if your enjoyment goes beyond applause, you may shout "Bravo!" "Encore!" or accord the performers a standing ovation. Standing ovations should be given only after the most superlative of performances.

Ticket Office. Single performance tickets are available after September 1 and may be purchased at the DSU Ticket Office located in the Cox Performing Arts Center. 435-652-7800 or

Restrooms are located on the main floor off the west hallway in the Cox Auditorium building. Restrooms located on the lower floor are for the artists only.

Parking is available on 700 East in front of the Cox Performing Arts Center and in back of the theater east of the tennis courts. Additional parking is available south of the Avenna complex near the swimming pool and north of the complex in front of DSC gymnasium. Unfortunately several events may be in progress on the same night, so please allow ample time to find parking.

Wheelchair Accessible Seating is located on both sides of row Y in the rear of the auditorium. Please check at the ticket office for availabilities.