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Celebrity Concert Series...More than entertainment!

Celebrity Concert Series History

Dixie State College Celebrity Concert Series (CCS) was formally organized in 1958 with Dr. Ron Garner as manager. Seven professional and non-professional concerts were presented that year. Prior to 1958, irregular presenting periods were extended to the community as is evidenced in a recently discovered season pass dated 1922. That season five concerts were offered at a cost of two-dollars for the year.

Celebrity Concert Series History

Robert Dalton managed the series from 1965 to 1995 and nurtured it to its present prestige of 12 professional - world-class concerts. The manager from 1995 to the present is Gail Bunker, who continues this legacy and also introduced the Special Artist Series - a recital concert program consisting of five to six events. A CCS president and volunteer governing board are elected each year to serve one season. Each year the board strives to select a varied season with the finest concerts financially possible.

Each CCS season is diverse and exhilarating. Some events presented through the years include: St. Petersburg Ballet with Galina Mezentseva, Western Opera Theater, The Brothers Four, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers, Ballet Hispanico, Americus Brass Band, Montana Repertory Theater, Mendelssohn String Quartet with Charles Neidich, The Nylons, Turtle Island and Montreux.

Past Celebrity Concert Series Board Presidents

Ron Garner1958-59
Ted Peterson1960-61
Sterling Gerber1962-63
Ron Garner1963-65
Robert Dalton1965-69
Roene DiFiore1969-71
Barbara Watson1971-72
Jonette Reber1972-73
Ruth Latimer1973-74
Launa Whitehead1974-75
Kris Gornichec/Fred Wenzel1975-76
Janice Whitehead1976-77
Richard Hazen1977-78
Liz Hains1978-79
Robert Shepherd1979-80
Florence Oates1980-81
Cheer Owens1981-82
Marilyn Larson1982-83
Robert Shepherd1983-84
Linda Lowe1984-85
Sharon Stebbins1985-86
Raymond Lowe1986-87
Bette Arial1987-88
Audrey Shumway1988-89
Gerlinde Braunberger1989-90
Joe Peterson1990-91
Ted Shumway1991-92
Rick Arial1992-93
Pat Lynsky1993-94
Kathy Bywater1994-95
Ron Garner1995-96
Kathy Smith1996-97
Daryl Young1997-98
Clark McMullin1998-99
Carole Williams1999-00
Carol Lakin2000-01
Bob Lakin2001-02
Doug Alder2002-03
Allison McArthur2003-04
Gary Terry2004-05
Jon Mizukawa2005-06
William Ostler2006-08
Don Harper2008-10
Clark Benson2010-11