What is ICL?


The Institute for Continued Learning (ICL) is patterned after hundreds of similar centers for senior learning around the country. St. George resident Ed Groves had belonged to such an organization in San Diego and brought that model to Dixie College in St. George in 1979.

The two-year college already flourishing in St. George in 1970 had 2,000 students and now has over 5,000. In the fall of 2000, it became Dixie State College of Utah and offers Baccalaureate programs. ICL has grown as rapidly as the college, and now has over 500 members in 50 courses. It functions under a Charter from Dixie State College and is an official on-campus organization.

The original instructors for ICL were all volunteers, as they are today, offering their areas of expertise for the benefit of others. Courses are held on the campus as space is available. People of any age are welcome, but its membership is primarily made up of retirees and pre-retirees.

ICL has had 27 volunteer presidents, all of whom lead the organization for one year, after a preliminary year as Vice-President. A volunteer council composed of 10 elected members governs the organization. Dues pay for administrative and office expenses.

ICL volunteer officers have come from all walks of life: business persons, engineers, teachers from grade school up to university, scientists, farmers, public employees, housewives, CEO's. All who teach come with a special expertise they want to share with others. No doubt there is some subject you could teach others, and your willingness to participate is encouraged.

ICL has opened up many avenues of advanced learning to active seniors of the area. It offers a chance to make new friends and explore talents and interests we were not sure we had or never had time to pursue. It also offers an avenue of sharing to those with teaching skills in specific areas who want to share their knowledge with their peers.

In addition to study groups, activities include socials, luncheons and field trips. Members do all the planning and scheduling of potlucks, parties and field trips.

Long time residents join with newly settled residents and snowbirds to explore new horizons in this exciting learning adventure. The Institute for Continued Learning is a unique St. George experience. Join us today and enrich your life by expanding your mind, heart, body and talent.


August 2005



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